The Exiled Dragon

“The Exiled Dragon” by Vera Foxx. This enthralling paranormal fiction novel invites readers into a captivating realm filled with supernatural creatures, where resilience and determination take center stage.

Main Characters:

  • Odessa: The determined protagonist, Odessa, is a human held captive by a menacing vampire duke. Despite her dire circumstances, she seizes an opportunity to escape, demonstrating courage and determination. Her journey takes her through a dense, perilous forest where she must evade the duke’s forces and survive the harsh wilderness.
  • The Vampire Duke: The antagonist of the story, the vampire duke, has kept Odessa captive for his purposes. He is depicted as a powerful and menacing figure, with a predatory nature. Despite his handsome appearance, his true intentions are sinister, and he sees Odessa merely as a source of sustenance and a means to satisfy his desires.


  • “The Exiled Dragon” is a thrilling tale of survival and resilience. Odessa, a captive in the clutches of the vampire duke, escapes and embarks on a dangerous journey toward freedom. Her path takes her through a dense forest, where she faces various challenges that test her resolve and resourcefulness. Along the way, she encounters a mysterious Viking-like warrior and his unique hybrid animal companion, adding intrigue to her journey.
  • As Odessa fights for her life and independence, secrets unravel, alliances form, and unexpected connections emerge. The novel delves into themes of survival, freedom, the supernatural, power dynamics, and the forces of nature.


  • Fantasy World:
    • The novel unfolds in a captivating world filled with supernatural creatures, where vampires, dragons, and hybrid beings exist.
    • The dense, perilous forest serves as a crucial setting, symbolizing both danger and opportunity for Odessa.
    • The juxtaposition of supernatural elements against the natural world heightens the tension and mystery.


  1. Resilience and Independence:
    • Odessa’s unwavering determination to escape captivity and survive in the forest underscores the theme of resilience.
    • Her fight for independence resonates throughout the novel, as she refuses to be a mere pawn in the vampire duke’s game.
  2. Supernatural Intrigue:
    • The allure and mysteries of the supernatural world play a significant role. Vampires, dragons, and hybrid creatures add layers of complexity to the plot.
    • The novel explores the power dynamics between humans and supernatural beings, revealing hidden agendas and unexpected alliances.


  • In “The Exiled Dragon,” Veronica Fox weaves a riveting paranormal adventure that immerses readers in a world of danger, magic, and unexpected connections. Odessa’s journey—from captive to survivor—captures the essence of resilience and the indomitable human spirit.

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