Secret Lovers

In the novel Secret Lovers by Jessica Hall, readers are introduced to Imogen, a woman teetering on the edge of survival. Due to her mother’s medical condition, Imogen lives out of her car, barely making ends meet. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that her bosses, Tobias and Theo, have a secret of their own: Imogen is their mate. As a human caught between a Lycan and a vampire, she struggles to escape her mates’ clutches while fighting for her humanity.

As secrets unravel, Imogen faces a choice: surrender to her supernatural mates or fight for her life and humanity. The forbidden love triangle between a human and two powerful beings sets the stage for a gripping tale of passion, danger, and self-discovery.

Main Characters

  1. Paul Christopher:
    • Background: Paul Christopher, an American intelligence agent, is engaged to Beatrix’s best friend.
    • Motivation: When Christopher’s letters turn dark and Beatrix’s interest wanes, she continues corresponding with him, pretending to be his fiancée.
    • Struggle: Their emotional connection deepens, but Christopher remains unaware that the person he truly loves is Beatrix.
  2. Beatrix:
    • Role: Beatrix, a beautiful and passionate girl, pretends to be Christopher’s fiancée through letters.
    • Conflict: The central conflict arises when Christopher falls in love with the woman, he believes is his fiancée, not realizing its Beatrix.


  • Set in 1960 and ’61, the novel follows Christopher’s actions and thoughts. Despite being married to Beatrix; he remains emotionally detached.
  • Beatrix’s act of kindness turns into a deep connection, but Christopher doesn’t know that the person he truly loves is her.


  1. Hidden Identity: The novel explores the consequences of concealing one’s true self and the impact it has on relationships.
  2. Emotional Detachment: Christopher’s emotional distance and Beatrix’s secret correspondence create a powerful theme of love and longing.


  • In “Secret Lovers,” Charles McCarry masterfully combines espionage, romance, and emotional turmoil.

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