Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil brother

“Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother” is a captivating romance novel that revolves around the lives of two central characters:

  1. Chloe Carlson: A 35-year-old married woman living with her cheating husband, Vincent Gray, and their daughter, Mackenzie. After enduring a failing marriage for 10 years, Chloe files for divorce, but Vincent refuses to sign the papers. Determined to carve her own path in life and provide the best for her daughter, Chloe leaves her husband without taking a cent from him. However, as a single mother, she faces challenges in finding employment due to her lack of qualifications.
  2. Vernon Phoenix Gray: Chloe’s brother-in-law, a heartless playboy, and the 25-year-old CEO of a skyrocketing company. When Chloe reaches out to him for help during her desperate times, he offers her a job as his personal assistant, with an unexpected twist—especially in bed. The central conflict lies in Chloe’s dilemma: Should she fall into the hands of her evil brother-in-law or return to her abusive scum husband for the sake of their daughter’s future? The story explores themes of love, desire, and societal expectations.


The novel unfolds in a contemporary setting, where Chloe’s life takes unexpected turns. Her marriage to Vincent Gray is a sham, filled with betrayal and infidelity. After filing for divorce, Chloe’s determination to stand on her own leads her to Vernon Phoenix Gray, her brother-in-law. Despite his ruthless reputation, he offers her a job as his personal assistant. As Chloe navigates her new role, she discovers that Vernon’s intentions are not purely professional. Their relationship oscillates between passion and conflict, as Chloe grapples with her feelings for both men. The central conflict revolves around her heart’s tug-of-war: Should she choose the devilish allure of Vernon or return to her scum husband for the sake of her daughter? The plot develops through twists, secrets, and unexpected revelations, leading to a resolution that challenges societal norms and explores the depths of desire.


The story primarily takes place in urban environments, where corporate power, wealth, and ambition intersect. Chloe’s struggle to find employment and provide for her daughter reflects the harsh realities faced by single mothers. The office where Chloe and Vernon interact becomes a battleground for their emotions, desires, and hidden agendas.


“Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother” delves into several themes:

  • Love and Betrayal: Chloe’s shattered marriage contrasts with her growing attraction to Vernon.
  • Desire and Temptation: Vernon’s playboy persona and the forbidden nature of their relationship add layers of complexity.
  • Sacrifice and Motherhood: Chloe’s choices impact not only her own happiness but also her daughter’s future.
  • Power and Ambition: The corporate world influences the characters’ decisions and interactions.


As the story unfolds, readers are drawn into a web of emotions, where desire clashes with duty. Chloe’s resilience and Vernon’s enigmatic allure create a captivating narrative. “Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother” invites us to explore the blurred lines between love, responsibility, and destiny, leaving us pondering the intricacies of the human heart.


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