Certainly! Here’s a concise summary of the novel “The Sexual Desires” by Rinna O’Shea:

In “The Sexual Desires,” the protagonist, Rianna, faces a pivotal choice. She can either remain at her current school, where scandal looms over her due to her own actions, or transfer to a new school for a fresh start. Caught in this dilemma, Rianna confronts Dean Godfrey, who presents her with a deal. The central conflict revolves around Rianna’s decision and the tension between her desire for justice and her perception of favoritism. Meanwhile, Professor Douchebag, a womanizing jerk, remains at the center of the controversy

Throughout the story, Rianna grapples with the consequences of her choices. The narrative unfolds as she navigates the complexities of her situation, revealing the clash between personal integrity and institutional power. The tension escalates, leading to pivotal moments that shape Rianna’s fate and challenge the status quo.

Main Characters

  • Rianna: The protagonist, a young woman caught in a scandalous situation. She faces a critical choice: remain at her current school, where her reputation is tarnished, or transfer to a new school for a fresh start.
  • Dean Godfrey: The stern dean of the school who presents Rianna with the ultimatum. His motivations are unclear, and Rianna suspects he may be protecting another character.
  • Professor Douchebag: A womanizing jerk who remains at the center of the controversy. His actions contribute to the central conflict.


 The novel revolves around Rianna’s dilemma. She must decide whether to accept the consequences of her actions or start anew. Caught in a web of scandal, she confronts Dean Godfrey, who offers her a deal. The central conflict lies in Rianna’s decision-making process and the tension between justice, favoritism, and personal integrity. As the story unfolds, Rianna grapples with the repercussions of her choices, leading to pivotal moments that shape her fate.


The story takes place in an educational institution, where reputations matter. The setting influences the characters’ behavior, as they navigate the delicate balance between personal desires and societal expectations. The backdrop of academia adds pressure and scrutiny to their actions.


  1. Desire and Consequences: The novel explores the intensity of carnal desire and its impact on individuals. Rianna’s choices have far-reaching consequences, highlighting the complexities of passion and responsibility.
  2. Power and Favoritism: Dean Godfrey’s role reflects institutional power dynamics. Rianna questions whether he is protecting Professor Douchebag, emphasizing themes of favoritism and justice.
  3. Identity and Reputation: Rianna’s decision forces her to confront her identity. The scandal threatens her reputation, and she must weigh personal integrity against societal judgment.


 “The Sexual Desires” delves into the human psyche, revealing how desire, power, and choices intersect. Rianna’s journey serves as a cautionary tale, urging readers to consider the consequences of their actions. As the plot unfolds, the characters grapple with their own desires, ultimately shaping their destinies.


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