Summary of “My Necromancer Class” by Aero182

My Necromancer Class
My Necromancer Class

Main Characters:

  • Wynn (Aeris): The protagonist, a young woman who awakens with amnesia and discovers she is a necromancer, a class considered taboo by most. Wynn is kind-hearted and determined to unravel the mystery of her past while using her unique abilities for good.
  • Igor: A talking skull and Wynn’s loyal companion. Igor serves as a guide and mentor, offering knowledge and advice on the necromancy arts. Despite his undead form, Igor possesses a dry wit and surprising wisdom.
  • Prince Alaric: The crown prince of the Aethelred Empire, known for his stoic personality and dedication to his duty. Alaric encounters Wynn during a monster outbreak and is intrigued by her necromancy, eventually forming an alliance with her.
  • Professor Alistair Thorne: A scholar ostracized for his research into necromancy. Thorne recognizes Wynn’s potential and becomes a mentor, teaching her how to control her powers and navigate the prejudices against necromancers.


The story begins with Wynn waking up in a mass grave with no memory of her past. She possesses the unique ability to animate the dead, a power feared and ostracized within the Aethelred Empire. With Igor, the talking skull she reanimates, by her side, Wynn embarks on a quest to reclaim her memories and understand her newfound necromantic abilities.

Their journey leads them to the prestigious Aethelred Academy, where Wynn attempts to blend in despite her forbidden magic. There, she encounters Prince Alaric, who is impressed by her necromancy during a monster outbreak. Wynn and Alaric form an unlikely alliance, teaming up to combat the growing threat of monstrous creatures plaguing the kingdom.

As Wynn hones her necromantic skills under the tutelage of Professor Thorne, she uncovers a conspiracy within the Empire. A secret society seeks to exploit dark magic for their own nefarious purposes, and necromancy is at the heart of their plans. Wynn finds herself thrust into a battle against powerful forces, forced to choose between hiding her abilities or embracing her role as a necromancer to protect the kingdom.

My Necromancer Class
My Necromancer Class


The story takes place in the Aethelred Empire, a vast and technologically advanced kingdom where magic is both revered and feared. Necromancy, the art of manipulating the dead, is strictly forbidden due to its potential for misuse. The Aethelred Academy serves as a center of learning, where promising students hone their magical abilities.

The setting plays a crucial role in shaping the characters’ experiences. Wynn’s ostracization for being a necromancer fuels her determination to prove the potential for good within her abilities. The societal prejudice against necromancy creates tension and conflict, forcing Wynn to operate in the shadows while protecting the kingdom.


  • Prejudice and Acceptance: The story explores the dangers of prejudice and the importance of acceptance. Wynn faces constant discrimination due to her necromancy, highlighting the societal fear of the unknown. The narrative emphasizes the need to look beyond differences and judge individuals based on their actions, not their abilities.
  • Power and Responsibility: Wynn grapples with the immense power bestowed upon her. She must learn to control her necromantic abilities and wield them responsibly. The story emphasizes the importance of using power for good and the potential dangers of unchecked power.
  • Identity and Self-Discovery: Wynn’s amnesia fuels her quest for self-discovery. Through her journey, she uncovers her past and learns to embrace her true identity, even if it challenges societal norms. The narrative highlights the importance of self-acceptance and staying true to oneself.

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“My Necromancer Class” offers a unique perspective on the fantasy genre, exploring the world of necromancy through the lens of a kind-hearted protagonist. Wynn’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance resonates with readers, while the underlying themes of prejudice, responsibility, and identity add depth to the narrative. As Wynn confronts the growing threat and the secrets buried within the Empire, readers are left eager to see how she utilizes her necromancy to shape her destiny and the fate of the kingdom.

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