My Husband Cheated with My Bully

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully is a novel by Thorne, Jaime about a woman named Willow who discovers that her husband Knox has been cheating on her with her high school bully, Regina.

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Willow is shocked and devastated by the betrayal. She had thought that she had a happy marriage, and she had no idea that Knox was capable of something like this.

Willow confronts Knox and Regina, but they both deny everything. Willow is left feeling lost and alone. She doesn’t know what to do or who to trust.

Willow decides to investigate Knox’s affair on her own. She discovers that Knox and Regina have been meeting in secret for months. She also learns that Knox has been lying to her about other things as well.

Willow is heartbroken and disillusioned. She realizes that she doesn’t know her husband at all. She also realizes that she can’t trust him.

Willow decides to file for divorce. She no longer wants to be married to a man who has betrayed her so deeply.

Willow’s journey through divorce is not easy. She has to deal with the emotional pain of betrayal, as well as the practical challenges of dividing up assets and custody of their child.

However, Willow is determined to start over and build a new life for herself. She knows that she deserves better than what Knox gave her.


My Husband Cheated with My Bully is a story about betrayal, resilience, and finding new beginnings. It is a heartwarming and inspiring novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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