The Fab Life of Jay (True Love Series Book 2)

Table of Contents

The Fab Life of Jay

The Fab Life of Jay is a novel by Dreame about Jay, a fashion designer who is looking for love. Jay has had his heart broken in the past, and he is hesitant to open his heart up again. However, when he meets a mysterious stranger named Alex, Jay finds himself falling in love.

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Alex is everything that Jay has ever wanted in a partner. He is handsome, intelligent, and kind. However, there is one thing that Alex is not: out of the closet. Alex is afraid of coming out to his family and friends, and he is also afraid of being rejected by Jay.

Jay is willing to wait for Alex to come out, but he also wants to be able to live his life openly and honestly. Jay and Alex must work together to overcome their challenges and to build a life together.


The Fab Life of Jay is a story about love, acceptance, and self-discovery. It is a heartwarming and romantic novel that will keep you reading until the very end. Dreame’s Fab Life of Jay follows Jay, a fashion designer with a heart broken past. Despite his reluctance to open his heart, Jay meets Alex, a handsome, intelligent, and kind stranger. Despite Alex’s fear of rejection, Jay and Alex work together to overcome their challenges and build a life together. The novel explores love, acceptance, and self-discovery, leaving readers heartbroken and captivated.

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