The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn is a novel by LaurG about Autumn Rivera, a woman who is forced to marry a man she doesn’t love. Atticus Fawn is the alpha of the werewolf pack, and he is in love with Autumn’s best friend, Anya. However, Atticus’s family has arranged a marriage between him and Autumn in order to strengthen the bond between their two packs.

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Autumn is reluctant to go through with the marriage, but she knows that she has no choice. She also hopes that if she marries Atticus, she can eventually win his love.

After the wedding, Autumn and Atticus move into the Fawn pack’s mansion. Atticus is cold and distant to Autumn, and he makes it clear that he doesn’t love her. However, Autumn is determined to win his heart.

One day, Autumn discovers that Anya is pregnant with Atticus’s child. Autumn is heartbroken, but she decides to keep her silence. She doesn’t want to hurt Anya, and she also doesn’t want to lose Atticus.

Autumn’s decision to keep her silence leads to a series of complications. Atticus and Anya’s relationship becomes stronger, and Autumn feels increasingly isolated. Autumn also begins to have feelings for Atticus’s brother, Damon.

Autumn must eventually choose between her love for Atticus and her loyalty to Anya. She must also decide whether to tell Atticus the truth about Anya’s pregnancy.


The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn is a story about love, betrayal, and self-sacrifice. It is a heartwarming and romantic novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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