The Immortal’s Poison by Cataclysmic Bean

“The Immortal’s Poison,” penned by Cataclysmic Bean, is a captivating modern wuxia novel that weaves together adventure, cultivation, and intrigue. At its core lies the tale of Wen Leyang, a young man born into a family with a unique expertise—the cultivation of the Art of Poisons. As the story unfolds, we delve into a world where enemies may not always be evil, and evil itself isn’t necessarily the enemy. Amidst this backdrop, Wen Leyang emerges as a delightful hero, possessing a kind disposition toward all living creatures. His journey is one of self-discovery, transformation, and the pursuit of immortality

The Immortal's Poison
The Immortal’s Poison

Main Characters:

  1. Wen Leyang: Our protagonist, Wen Leyang, carries the weight of his family legacy—the mastery of poison cultivation. His motivations are twofold: to uncover the truth behind his lineage and to ascend to immortality. His frankness and honesty set him apart, making him a refreshing hero in a morally complex world.
  2. God of Darkness: The enigmatic deity who intervenes in Wen Leyang’s life. Their motivations remain veiled, but their actions propel the narrative.


  1. The Forbidden Scroll: Wen Leyang stumbles upon an ancient scroll that reveals forgotten gods and forbidden knowledge. This discovery sets off a chain of events that will shape his destiny.
  2. The Celestial War: Immortals clash, and Wen Leyang grapples with newfound abilities. Mortal roots collide with celestial destinies. As he navigates this conflict, he uncovers secrets that challenge everything he knows.
  3. The Nameless Prophecy: A cryptic monk foretells a world-altering event. Wen Leyang races against time to decipher the prophecy and prevent catastrophe.
  4. Betrayals and Alliances: His path intertwines with Xu Yourong, a mysterious woman. Loyalties shift, and choices become pivotal in the battle between light and darkness.


  1. The Immortal Academy: Perched atop mist-shrouded peaks, this ancient academy houses celestial artifacts, immortal sages, and forbidden texts. Its halls echo with debates on morality, power, and existence.
  2. The Starlit Sea: A mystical expanse where gods once battled. Its waters hold memories, and its depths conceal primordial truths.
  3. The City of Falling Leaves: A mortal city where scholars seek enlightenment. Its bustling streets contrast with the academy’s serenity.
  4. Celestial Temples: Hidden among clouds, these temples house gods and relics. Their architecture reflects cosmic geometry, influencing events and characters.
The Immortal's Poison
The Immortal’s Poison


  1. Knowledge and Hubris: Wen Leyang’s pursuit of forbidden wisdom raises questions about enlightenment’s cost and the limits of mortal comprehension.
  2. Power and Sacrifice: Immortality grants immense power, but at what price? Characters grapple with eternity’s weight.
  3. Fate vs. Agency: Choices dance between predestination and free will. Wen Leyang’s decisions ripple across worlds.
  4. The Fragility of Balance: Immortals and mortals coexist delicately. Upsetting this balance risks cosmic upheaval.

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As constellations align and ancient seals break, Wen Leyang confronts gods, demons, and his own mortality. “The Immortal’s Poison” invites readers to embrace both light and shadow in their quest for truth. Cataclysmic Bean’s masterful storytelling ensures that this wuxia adventure lingers long after the final page.

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