Way of Choices by Mao Ni

“Way of Choices” is a sprawling Eastern fantasy novel that transcends mere storytelling. It beckons readers into a multiverse of gods, demons, and humanity, where choices echo across dimensions. Brace yourself for a journey through realms, destinies, and the very fabric of existence.

“Way of Choices” by Mao Ni
“Way of Choices” by Mao Ni

Main Characters:

  1. Chen Changsheng: A fourteen-year-old orphan with a mysterious illness. His life is a riddle wrapped in enigma. Chen’s motivations extend beyond personal survival; he seeks to cure himself and uncover the truth behind his condition. His unwavering determination and quiet resilience make him a compelling protagonist.
  2. Xu Yourong: A young woman of exceptional talent and lineage. Her past is shrouded in secrets, and her heart harbors feelings she can’t fully comprehend. Xu accompanies Chen Changsheng on his quest, drawn by fate or perhaps something more profound. Her character arc intertwines with Chen’s, creating a delicate dance of friendship, loyalty, and unspoken longing.


The novel’s central conflict emerges from a cosmic event—the crash of a meteor onto Earth. From its impact site, ancient totems sprout, revealing glimpses of the Dao—a force that shapes reality. The Orthodoxy, an organization founded to decipher the Dao, becomes the fulcrum of change. Chen Changsheng, guided by prophecy and necessity, embarks on a pilgrimage. His journey isn’t linear; it’s a spiral of revelations, alliances, and trials.

As Chen traverses the Eastern Continent, he encounters:

  • Mystical Beasts: Creatures born of the Dao, each embodying an aspect of existence. Some aid him; others test his mettle.
  • Sects and Schools: Factions vying for power, knowledge, or survival. Their intricate politics mirror the larger struggle between light and darkness.
  • Forbidden Knowledge: Hidden texts, forbidden spells, and cryptic prophecies. Chen’s pursuit of enlightenment leads him to forbidden realms, where he grapples with morality and consequence.

The resolution isn’t a neat bow tied at the end. Instead, it’s a whisper—an invitation to explore beyond the final page. Chen Changsheng’s path converges with Xu Yourong’s, but their destinies remain fluid. The novel reminds us that even when battles are won, the war of existence continues.


Picture a cosmos with no boundaries—a tapestry of worlds interconnected by ley lines and cosmic currents. The Eastern Continent, where our tale unfolds, is a microcosm within this grand design. Here, ancient forests whisper forgotten truths, and mist-shrouded peaks house reclusive sages. The Dao permeates every stone, every breath.

  • Mount Li Palace: A sanctuary where Chen Changsheng trains. Its halls echo with the footsteps of generations, and its library holds scrolls inscribed by sages long gone.
  • Star-Picking Tower: A celestial observatory atop a mountain. Here, Xu Yourong gazes at constellations, seeking answers among the stars.
  • The Great Trial: A rite of passage for cultivators. Chen faces it, not as a mere test but as a revelation—an unveiling of his true self.

The setting isn’t static; it evolves with the characters. As Chen and Xu traverse landscapes, they discover hidden realms, ancient ruins, and forgotten cities. Each locale carries memories etched into stone, waiting for curious souls to decipher.

Way of Choices
Way of Choices


  • Choice and Consequence: The novel’s heartbeat. Every decision ripples across existence. Chen’s choices—whether to heal, fight, or sacrifice—shape not only his fate but the very fabric of reality.
  • Legacy and Ancestry: Bloodlines intertwine like ivy. Xu Yourong’s lineage, the Orthodoxy’s traditions, and the ancient totems—they all whisper of ancestors watching from the shadows. The past isn’t dead; it’s a river flowing through time.
  • Transcendence: Beyond battles and intrigues lies a deeper quest—to transcend mortality, ignorance, and limitations. The Dao beckons, promising enlightenment to those who dare seek it.
  • Love and Longing: Xu’s unspoken love for Chen, woven into starlight and moonbeams. Sacrifice becomes a language of devotion, and their bond transcends mere companionship.

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“Way of Choices” isn’t just a novel; it’s an odyssey. As you turn each page, remember that you’re not merely reading—you’re choosing. The Dao awaits, and its secrets lie hidden in the spaces between words. So, dear reader, embrace the uncertainty, for therein lies the true way of choices.

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