Controversy As World Most Valuable Player Bids More than $350M

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Kylian Mbappe, the world most valuable player has had a controversial steady rock this season at his own club following the decision if he will leave the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) club during this transfer window or would it be once his tenure expires with the club.

world most valuable player, Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe who is 28 years old and at the top of his career is said to be approached by many clubs during this transfer window. This include the Saudis, the Real Madrid club and other potential clubs. Commenting on this, the PSG president, Nasir Al khaleif has this to say.
“Our position is very clear. If Mbappé wants to stay, we want him to stay, but he must sign a new contract. We can’t let him go free. He’s not thinking of walking away for free. If someone has changed his mind, it’s not our fault.”

Amid the fire brewing in the Paris Saint Germain dressing room about their most priced player, Kylian Mbappe, the president finally made the clubs intention known to the player.

world most valuable player

Judging by numbers, the favorite club to sign the player would be Real Madrid. The Spanish team is said to be the French’s forward preferred destination. But to have him this summer meant that they will have to pay at least 350 million euros for the player, about 380 million dollars. A sum Real Madrid doesn’t seem able to afford, as they have 250 million euros designated for him, which amounted to 272 million dollars in all.

The biggest hurdle is that the world most valuable player wants to be compensated with around 100 million dollars as a signing bonus. And as mentioned above Al-Khelafi is looking to get money for the player, something Real Madrid can’t afford.

world most valuable player


It is left to see from the reminder of the transfer window who the winner and loser from these war would be. Of course, if money was the the only issue, the player would go to one of the Qatari’s clubs. He also needs to think about the success of his career too. Especially when Al-Khelafi has made it clear that he won’t let him go for free.

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