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Anonymous is a Wattpad novel by author Alexia_Nicole. It is a story about Emily Smith, a young woman who is struggling to cope with the loss of her best friend, Sarah. Sarah was brutally murdered, and Emily is haunted by her death.

Emily is also struggling with her own personal demons. She is addicted to cutting, and she is constantly on the verge of suicide.

One day, Emily receives a message from an anonymous sender. The sender claims to know about Sarah’s murder, and they offer to help Emily find justice.

Emily is initially skeptical of the anonymous sender, but she is also desperate for answers. She agrees to meet with the sender, and they begin to work together to solve Sarah’s murder.

As Emily and the anonymous sender get closer to the truth, they uncover a dark secret that could put them both in danger.


This novel is a story about grief, loss, and the search for justice. It is a story about two people who are both struggling to cope with their own personal demons. Emily and the anonymous sender are both complex and damaged characters, but they are also both determined to find the truth. Anonymous is a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

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