An Assassin’s Respite

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Kazuna, a young man with an extraordinary past, enrolls at the prestigious Galestorm Academy, hoping to blend in and experience a normal high school life. An Assassin’s Respite. However, his wish for normalcy is quickly shattered as his unique talents and captivating personality attract the attention of the entire student body.

Kazuna’s first day is a whirlwind of introductions, curious stares, and whispered conversations. He soon realizes that keeping his past a secret will be a daunting task, especially under the watchful eyes of his new classmates, who are eager to unravel the mystery surrounding him.

Despite the challenges, Kazuna is determined to navigate the social landscape of Galestorm Academy while maintaining his anonymity. He forms friendships, joins clubs, and participates in school activities, all the while trying to conceal his extraordinary abilities and the secrets of his past.

As Kazuna delves deeper into the world of Galestorm Academy, he discovers that his true self is not something to be hidden but rather embraced. An Assassin’s Respite. He learns to appreciate his uniqueness and uses his talents to make a positive impact on the school community.

Amidst the newfound friendships and growing popularity, Kazuna faces the constant threat of his past being exposed. He must find a way to reconcile his extraordinary life with his desire for normalcy, balancing the demands of both worlds while staying true to himself.

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In the esteemed halls of Galestorm Academy, Kazuna yearns for a life of normalcy, far removed from his extraordinary past. However, his hopes for an inconspicuous existence are quickly dashed as he inadvertently captures the attention of the entire student body on his very first day.


With his secret identity hanging by a thread, Kazuna must navigate the intricate social landscape of Galestorm, all while evading the prying eyes of those determined to uncover his enigmatic past. His quest for anonymity is further complicated by a series of bizarre incidents that seem to revolve around him, leaving him to wonder if his extraordinary nature is destined to remain hidden.

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