Addicted To The Bad Boy By Ella Gob

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Addicted To The Bad Boy By Ella Gob

Addicted To The Bad Boy. Aria Green is a good student and good girl who has always been focused on her studies. She never thought that her hero would be a bad boy, but that’s exactly what happens when she meets Hunter, the most popular and notorious boy in school. Hunter is everything that Aria is not: he’s handsome, rebellious, and always gets into trouble. But despite their differences, Aria is drawn to Hunter. She can’t help but be intrigued by his bad boy persona. One day, Aria’s new friend, Lily, comes up with a creative idea. She challenges Aria to spend a week with Hunter and see if she can change him. Aria is hesitant at first, but she eventually agrees. Over the next week, Aria and Hunter spend a lot of time together. They go to parties, they hang out with friends, and they even start to fall for each other. But Hunter is still the same bad boy at heart. He gets into fights, he skips school, and he drinks alcohol.

Chase Handler is a good and honest student who never dates anyone. However, his life changes when Aria falls into his pool. He is immediately drawn to her, but she lies to him about her past. Chase is devastated when he learns the truth, but he eventually forgives her. Chase and Aria start dating, but their relationship is complicated by their different backgrounds. Chase is a good student who wants to graduate, while Aria is a bad student who doesn’t care about her future. Chase believes that Aria is the light in his life, but he is unsure if their relationship can survive their differences.The passage ends with Chase and Aria still together, but their future is uncertain. Chase is determined to make their relationship work, but he knows that it will be difficult.

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He can’t graduate? His dream? Who cares? That’s ridiculous. Chase believes he finds the light in his life after he gets to know Aria. However, she lies to him.

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