A Review of Primordial Dimensions by HideousGrain

Read Primordial Dimensions by HideousGrain
Read Primordial Dimensions by HideousGrain

Main Characters:

  1. Shane Suro: Our protagonist, Shane, unexpectedly dies and finds himself reborn as a newborn baby in a strange, foreign world. His motivations evolve from survival instincts to curiosity and a desire for freedom. As he navigates the dangerous Primordial Dimension, Shane grapples with loyalty, betrayal, and the possibility of wielding elemental powers through mana absorption. His past life’s memories haunt him, driving his determination to uncover the truth behind his rebirth.


In the vast and perilous Primordial Dimension, life and death exist in close proximity. Terrifying beings with diverse abilities inhabit this realm, their existence triggered by the dimension’s appearance. Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, yet the Primordial Dimension offers an unprecedented opportunity: ascend to higher realms or risk conquest by unknown races. Shane’s journey unfolds as he grapples with these choices. The central conflict revolves around survival, power, and the delicate balance between humanity’s potential and its vulnerability.

Shane’s path is fraught with challenges:

  • The Rebirth: Shane’s initial confusion and vulnerability as a newborn set the tone. He must adapt quickly to survive.
  • The God of Elements: A mysterious deity who governs the Primordial Dimension. The god’s cryptic messages and tests push Shane toward his destiny.
  • Mana Absorption: Shane discovers that absorbing mana from defeated foes grants him elemental abilities. But this power comes with risks—overuse could lead to corruption.
  • Assassins and Betrayal: Shane faces assassins sent by unknown forces. Betrayal lurks around every corner, and he must discern friend from foe.
  • The Forbidden Realm: Shane’s quest to uncover the truth takes him to forbidden places. Ancient ruins, hidden libraries, and forgotten prophecies hold the key to humanity’s survival.

As the plot develops, alliances form, battles rage, and revelations unfold. Shane’s journey becomes a race against time. Can he unlock the secrets of the Primordial Dimension before it consumes humanity? The resolution likely involves Shane mastering his newfound abilities, deciphering ancient texts, and confronting the god’s enigmatic motives.


  • Primordial Dimension: This otherworldly realm defies conventional boundaries. It is a place where science and magic intersect, where nanobots coexist with ancient runes. The setting influences the characters’ decisions, survival strategies, and understanding of reality. The tension between progress and primal forces shapes every event. Shane’s path takes him from sleek laboratories to shadowy caverns, where the veil between myth and truth blurs. The dimension’s unpredictability keeps readers on edge, wondering what lies beyond each portal.
Primordial Dimensions
Primordial Dimensions


  1. Power and Sacrifice: Shane’s transformation involves sacrifice. The allure of elemental abilities tempts him, but power comes at a cost. The Primordial Dimension challenges him to weigh desire against consequence. Will he sacrifice his humanity for survival?
  2. Curiosity and Consequences: Humanity’s curiosity drives progress, yet it also unearths danger. Shane’s thirst for knowledge leads him to forbidden places, where the consequences ripple across dimensions. The forbidden library, guarded by ancient sentinels, holds answers—but at what price?
  3. Identity and Freedom: Shane’s rebirth prompts questions of identity. As he learns about loyalty and betrayal, he discovers that true freedom lies beyond mere survival. Can he break free from the god’s machinations and forge his own path?
  4. Myth and Reality: The novel blurs the lines between myth and fact. Shane’s encounters with ancient creatures and cryptic prophecies evoke wonder and uncertainty. Is he a pawn in a cosmic game, or does he hold the key to humanity’s salvation?

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Primordial Dimensions invites readers to explore the liminal spaces—the intersection of science, magic, and destiny. Shane’s journey isn’t just about survival; it’s about unraveling the fabric of existence itself. Whether he becomes a pawn or a hero in this cosmic game, the novel promises an exhilarating odyssey through realms both known and forgotten. So, dear reader, step into the unknown and discover the secrets that lie beyond the veil.

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