A Review of Moon Touched by Scarlett Hart.

Moon Touched
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Main Characters:

  • Katia Lane: Our protagonist, Katia, is a 17-year-old werewolf who has endured a lifetime of torture, abuse, and pain. She longs for a better existence and hopes to survive until her fated mate arrives.
  • Aza: Katia’s loyal wolf companion, who shares her pain and determination for a brighter future.


The story begins with Katia on the brink of despair. She decides that today is the day she will end her suffering. However, fate intervenes when she leaps off a cliff, only to be rescued by the Snow Moon pack. Covered in scars and injuries, Katia becomes the center of attention as the pack members wonder who could have harmed someone so defenseless. The revelation that she is the alpha’s fated mate changes everything.

As Katia navigates her new life within the pack, she discovers secrets, faces danger, and grapples with her feelings for the alpha. The central conflict revolves around survival, healing, and second chances. Katia’s past trauma and the mystery of her abuse drive the plot forward.


  • Time: The story takes place in a contemporary setting where werewolves (shifters) coexist with humans and other supernatural beings.
  • Location: The Snow Moon pack resides near a waterfall on their land. The serene yet mysterious environment influences the characters’ interactions and decisions.
Read Moon Touched
Read Moon Touched


  • Survival and Resilience: Katia’s determination to survive despite her painful past underscores the theme of resilience. Her scars become symbols of strength rather than weakness.
  • Healing and Redemption: The pack’s acceptance and care help Katia heal physically and emotionally. Redemption is explored through forgiveness and second chances.
  • Fated Love: The concept of fated mates drives the romantic subplot. Katia’s connection with the alpha challenges her preconceptions about love and destiny.
  • Abuse and Recovery: The novel delves into the impact of abuse and the journey toward recovery. Katia’s scars serve as a reminder of her strength and vulnerability.

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In Moon Touched, Scarlett Hart weaves a tale of survival, love, and redemption. Katia’s transformation from a broken soul to a resilient fighter captivates readers. As the mysteries unfold and bonds strengthen, the novel leaves us pondering the power of healing and the resilience of the human (and wolf) spirit.

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