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Yes Mistress

Yes, Mistress is a female-led novel by Dream Weaver that explores the themes of love, loss, and the power of dreams. The novel follows the story of Mistress, a powerful woman who has been betrayed by her lover. Mistress retreats to her dream world, where she becomes the ruler of a vast and beautiful kingdom. In her dream world, Mistress is able to find solace and escape from the pain of her betrayal.

However, Mistress’s dream world is not without its dangers. There are those who seek to destroy her kingdom, and she must use all of her power to protect it. Mistress must also confront the dark side of her own dreams, which are filled with pain and suffering.


Despite the dangers, finds happiness and fulfillment in her dream world. She learns to love again, and she discovers the strength and power within herself. In the must decide whether to return to the real world or remain in her dream kingdom.

The novel has the full package that every reader out there is expecting to get. It is uniquely captivating and equally suspenseful. The writer has a way to spin every plot narrative to always keep the reader guessing. You would want to know what happens next, as you can’t wait to finish one chapter and move on to the next one. What makes the novel ideal to read is the way, the writer brings memories from the past and suspends them into the present, like they were something that happened just then. I would recommend that every lover of fantasy and romance novel read this piece and enjoy it.

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