This Girl

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This Girl

This Girl by author_sky_angel is a popular Wattpad story with over 10 million reads. It is a romantic drama story about a young woman named Lily who is trying to heal from her past and find love again.

Lily was once a happy and carefree girl, but her life was turned upside down when she was in a car accident that killed her parents. Lily survived the accident, but she was left with physical and emotional scars.

Lily withdrew from the world and became a recluse. She was afraid to get close to anyone, because she was afraid of getting hurt again. However, one day, Lily meets a young man named Ethan, and he helps her to start healing her broken heart.

Ethan is kind, funny, and intelligent. He shows Lily that there is still love and happiness in the world. Lily and Ethan begin to develop feelings for each other, but Lily is afraid to let him in. She is still hurting from her past, and she is afraid of getting hurt again.

Lily must learn to trust Ethan and open her heart to love. She must also learn to let go of the past and live in the present. Lily must learn to believe that she is worthy of love and happiness.


This Girl is a well-written and engaging story. It is a story about love, loss, and healing. It is also a story about the importance of second chances and finding true love. This Girl is a popular story for a reason. It is a story that readers can relate to and enjoy.

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