Partners By Chance

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Partners By Chance

Partners By Chance by AurumHeart is a popular Wattpad story with over 20 million reads. It is a romantic comedy story about two young people, Amelia Smith and Liam Black, who are forced to work together on a school project.

Amelia and Liam are from different worlds. Amelia is a perfectionist and a straight-A student. Liam is a popular and carefree boy who enjoys life to the fullest. They have nothing in common, and they despise each other.

However, when Amelia and Liam are assigned to work on a school project together, they are forced to put their differences aside and work together. Amelia and Liam soon realize that they are not as different as they thought they were. They start to develop feelings for each other, but they are both afraid to admit it.

Amelia and Liam must learn to trust each other and overcome the obstacles in their path. They must also deal with the challenges of high school, the pressures of their social circles, and the fact that their families are business rivals.

In the end, Amelia and Liam overcome all of the obstacles in their path and live happily ever after. They prove that true love can conquer all, even the rivalry between their families.


Partners By Chance is a well-written and engaging story. It is a story about love, friendship, and overcoming adversity. It is also a story about the importance of communication and understanding. Partners By Chance is a popular story for a reason. It is a story that readers can relate to and enjoy.

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