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Secrets keeper

Secrets Keeper is a popular Wattpad story by unknownauther with over 13 million reads. It is a mystery thriller story about a young woman named Brooke Davis who discovers a website called Secrets Keeper, where people can anonymously share their secrets.

Brooke is a popular girl at school, but she has her own secrets that she keeps hidden from everyone. One day, Brooke decides to share her secrets on Secrets Keeper. She is relieved to finally be able to talk about her secrets, and she is surprised to see that many other people are also sharing their secrets on the website.

However, Brooke soon realizes that Secrets Keeper is not as anonymous as she thought it was. Someone is using the website to blackmail people, and Brooke is one of the targets. Brooke must find out who is behind the blackmail and stop them before they ruin her life.

Brooke enlists the help of her best friend, Jade, and they begin to investigate the blackmailer. Brooke and Jade soon discover that the blackmailer is someone they know, and they are shocked to find out who it is.

Brooke and Jade must confront the blackmailer and stop them from ruining their lives. They must also deal with the consequences of their own secrets, and they must learn to trust each other and the people they love.


Secrets Keeper is a well-written and engaging story. It is a story about secrets, lies, and the power of truth. It is also a story about the importance of friendship and trust. Secrets Keeper is a popular story for a reason. It is a story that readers can relate to and enjoy.

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