“Reboot: Mechanic” by Idczhen.

Explore a post-apocalyptic world where survival hinges on dormant chips and hidden secrets. Follow Shi Tian as he unravels the truth behind the Great Disaster 1.0, grapples with moral dilemmas, and seeks redemption. ‘Reboot: Mechanic’ is a gripping sci-fi novel that challenges ethics, identity, and the boundaries of human resilience

“Reboot: Mechanic” by Idczhen.
“Reboot: Mechanic” by Idczhen.

Main Characters:

  • Shi Tian: Our central character, Shi Tian, is a victim of the Great Disaster 1.0. Kidnapped and trafficked to a state-run laboratory, he becomes an experimental subject. His motivation shifts from mere survival to uncovering the truth behind the catastrophe.
  • Other Characters: The novel introduces a diverse cast—scientists, fellow subjects, and enigmatic figures—each with their own hidden agendas.


  • Conflict: In the year 2139, the world undergoes a cataclysmic change. The sky cracks open, releasing armored dinosaur-like monsters. These creatures overrun the planet, leading to the Great Disaster 1.0. Desperate for a solution, global authorities turn to human experimentation.
  • Development: Shi Tian survives after being injected with an integrated chip—the last hope for humanity. However, the chip remains dormant, awaiting specific circumstances for activation. As Shi Tian navigates this perilous world, he unravels secrets, faces danger, and seeks answers.
  • Resolution: The novel weaves a web of intrigue, revealing the truth behind the disaster. Shi Tian’s journey culminates in a revelation that challenges everything he knows.
“Reboot: Mechanic” by Idczhen.
“Reboot: Mechanic” by Idczhen.


  • Time and Place: The story unfolds in the year 2139, a post-apocalyptic future where humanity grapples with the aftermath of the Great Disaster. The setting is a blend of advanced technology, desperation, and survival.
  • Influence: The shattered world influences characters’ actions. Governments prioritize results over ethics, and the line between right and wrong blurs. The laboratory setting, with its cold sterility, contrasts sharply with the chaos outside.


  • Survival and Sacrifice: Characters face moral dilemmas—whether to sacrifice others for their own survival or seek redemption. Shi Tian’s struggle embodies this theme.
  • Ethics and Responsibility: The novel questions the consequences of scientific experimentation. How far should humanity go to save itself?
  • Identity and Purpose: Shi Tian’s dormant chip symbolizes untapped potential. His quest for activation mirrors the search for purpose in a fractured world.

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“Reboot: Mechanic” immerses readers in a world teetering on the edge of oblivion. Idczhen masterfully combines suspense, mystery, and human resilience. As Shi Tian fights for answers, we’re reminded that even in chaos, hope persists

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