“Tired of Death” by Neil Hartley.

Tired of Death by Niel Hartley
Tired of Death by Niel Hartley

Main Characters:

The central character in “Tired of Death” is Dreth. How many times have you hacked down a zombie without thinking about it? Ever wondered who the shadowy force is behind that dungeon? Spared a thought for the poor denizens sitting around in chilly Crypts, waiting for the next victim? Dreth’s motivations lead him on an adventure through the dungeon and beyond, as he seeks to uncover the ultimate secret behind his curse.


In this unique take on the fantasy genre, “Tired of Death” invites readers to see the story from the other side—the perspective of the undead. Dreth, a zombie, embarks on a quest to understand the mysterious force that controls the dungeon and the fate of its inhabitants. As he hacks through enemies and navigates the crypts, he unravels the truth behind his existence.

The main conflict lies in Dreth’s desire for freedom and answers. He questions the purpose of his cursed existence and seeks to break free from the cycle of mindless violence. Along the way, he encounters other undead creatures, each with their own stories and motivations. As Dreth’s journey unfolds, he discovers that the dungeon’s secrets run deeper than he ever imagined.


The novel takes place within the confines of the dungeon—a dark, eerie realm where zombies roam, crypts echo with whispers, and shadows conceal ancient mysteries. The setting influences characters’ actions, as they grapple with their undead nature and the unseen puppeteer pulling their strings. The chilling atmosphere adds depth to the narrative, emphasizing the struggle for identity and purpose.

Tired of Death by Niel Hartley
Tired of Death by Niel Hartley


Several underlying ideas are explored in “Tired of Death”:

  1. Identity and Purpose: Dreth’s quest revolves around understanding who he is and why he exists. The novel delves into the existential crisis faced by the undead.
  2. Morality and Redemption: Can zombies find redemption? Dreth’s journey challenges traditional notions of good and evil.
  3. Power and Control: The shadowy force behind the dungeon represents authority and manipulation. Dreth’s rebellion becomes a symbol of resistance.


“Tired of Death” offers a fresh perspective on the fantasy genre, turning the spotlight on the undead. Neil Hartley weaves a tale of mystery, self-discovery, and unlikely heroes. As Dreth’s footsteps echo through the crypts, readers are reminded that even in death, there is room for defiance and purpose.

For the full novel, you can read it here. Enjoy the journey

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