“Universal Power System” by KingU.

“Universal Power System” by KingU.
“Universal Power System” by KingU

Main Characters:

The central character in “Universal Power System” is Mako, a young boy living in the year 2600. His discontent with the hierarchical system and the oppression of the powerless fuels his motivations. Mako seeks to challenge the status quo and bring about change.


By the year 2350, Earth faced rampant greed, corruption, and countless wars. Humanity teetered on the brink of self-extinction. Unexpectedly, an alien race—the Yalhvi—discovered Earth. The Yalhvi, supernatural beings capable of manipulating elements, shared their knowledge and revealed the secrets behind their abilities. Humanity awakened its extraordinary powers, expanded its reach, and established connections with other species within the galaxy.

Yet, greed prevailed, leading to a hierarchical system where the strong oppressed the powerless. Wars erupted, threatening humanity’s survival. In this chaos, ten courageous warriors emerged, united to end the devastating conflicts and restore peace.

“Universal Power System” by KingU.
“Universal Power System” by KingU.


The novel takes place in the year 2600, where holographic images project across Emerald City, celebrating a new year. Earth has advanced exponentially, thanks to Yalhvi technology. From renewable energy sources to planetary-level destruction artillery, the world is a blend of fantasy, magic, and science fiction. The setting influences characters’ actions, as they navigate a society divided by power dynamics.


Several underlying ideas are explored in “Universal Power System”:

  1. Power and Oppression: The influx of supernatural abilities creates a hierarchy where the powerful dominate the powerless.
  2. War and Redemption: The ten warriors strive to end conflict and restore balance.
  3. Technology and Responsibility: Humanity’s advancements come with consequences, emphasizing the need for responsible use of power.


“Universal Power System” invites readers to question authority, challenge norms, and seek redemption. As Mako walks through dimly lit alleys, discontent brewing within, the novel promises a thrilling journey of discovery, conflict, and transformation.

For the full novel, you can read it here. Enjoy the adventure!

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