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Oaths of Grecia Summary

Oaths of Grecia Free Ebook
Oaths of Grecia Free Ebook

The novel “Oaths of Grecia” talks about a girl called ‘Grecia’ who became entangled with her brothers, leading to a powerful exploration of love.

Main Characters

  • Grecia Perxon (OF12): The protagonist, Grecia, is a strong-willed young woman who unexpectedly finds herself responsible for managing seven boys. She is prepared for war and willing to die for her country’s safety.
  • The Seven Brothers: These men are initially unwilling to accept Grecia as part of their family. Their motivations vary, but they all contribute to making her life challenging.


The central conflict revolves around Grecia’s dual responsibilities: her loyalty to her nation and her growing attachment to her brothers. As she navigates this complex situation, tensions rise, secrets emerge, and relationships evolve. The story unfolds as Grecia grapples with her duty to her country and her newfound affection for her brothers.


The novel’s setting is crucial to the plot. While specific details are not provided in the summary, we know that the story takes place in a context where Grecia’s safety and her nation’s well-being are at stake. The setting likely influences the characters’ actions and decisions.


  • Family Bonds: Despite the initial animosity, the bond between Grecia and her brothers deepens. The theme of family loyalty and acceptance is central.
  • Identity and Duty: Grecia grapples with her identity as a sister, a patriot, and a protector. Her duty to her country clashes with her growing attachment to her brothers.
  • Conflict and Sacrifice: The tension between personal desires and national obligations drives the narrative. Sacrifices must be made, and choices have consequences.

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In this gripping tale, Grecia’s heart becomes entangled with her brothers, leading to a powerful exploration of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. As the story unfolds, readers witness the transformation of relationships and the impact of choices made in the face of adversity.

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