Prisoner To My Mate

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Prisoner To My Mate

Prisoner To My Mate is a romance novel by Dreame about Anastasia, a young woman who wakes up in the bed of a man she doesn’t know. The man, Theo, is her mate, and he refuses to let her go.

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Anastasia is horrified and tries to escape, but Theo is too powerful. He takes her to his territory, where she is forced to live as his prisoner.

Theo is a ruthless and demanding Alpha. He expects Anastasia to obey him without question. Anastasia hates Theo at first, but she eventually begins to see the good side of him.

Theo is also attracted to Anastasia, but he is afraid to love her. He has been betrayed in the past, and he doesn’t want to get hurt again. However, Theo cannot deny his feelings for Anastasia, and he eventually gives in to his love.

Anastasia and Theo must overcome many challenges to be together. They must face the disapproval of Theo’s pack. They must also face the dangers that come from outside threats.

In the end, Anastasia and Theo overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after. They learn to love and respect each other, and they build a strong and loving relationship.


Prisoner To My Mate is a heartwarming and exciting romance novel about a young woman who finds true love in the most unexpected place. It is a story about courage, hope, and the power of love.

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