Pregnant With The Billionaire’s Baby

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Pregnant With The Billionaire's Baby

Pregnant With The Billionaire’s Baby on Dreame is a romance novel about a young woman named Jessica who is accidentally impregnated by a billionaire named Alexander. Jessica is a struggling artist, and Alexander is a powerful and ruthless businessman. Their worlds collide when they have a one-night stand, and Jessica becomes pregnant.

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Jessica is initially hesitant to tell Alexander about the pregnancy, but she eventually decides to come clean. Alexander is surprised to learn that he is going to be a father, but he is also excited. He offers to take care of Jessica and the baby, but Jessica refuses. She wants to raise the baby on her own.

Jessica and Alexander have a complicated relationship. They are drawn to each other, but they are also very different people. Jessica is independent and strong-willed, while Alexander is controlling and demanding.

Despite their differences, Jessica and Alexander must learn to work together to raise their child. They must also overcome the challenges that come from being a single mother and a wealthy businessman. In the end, Jessica and Alexander find a way to make their relationship work, and they raise a happy and healthy child together.


Pregnant With The Billionaire’s Baby is a story about love, forgiveness, and family. It is a heartwarming and exciting read for fans of romance novels.

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