Omnific Tesseract by KingBomblaze


“Omnific Tesseract” invites readers into the enigmatic realm of Alvard, where the ancient art of Daemon summoning holds sacred allure. In this mystical world, Daemons—beings of diverse forms—serve as guardians, forming unbreakable bonds with their chosen hosts known as Ewers. Among them, Cain, a gifted Ewer, dreams of mastering Daemon summoning and claiming the title of “The Dunatos,” Alvard’s mightiest summoner. Destiny takes an unexpected turn when he encounters an injured woman who entrusts him with the cryptic artifact—the Omnific Tesseract. Little does he know that this cube holds secrets beyond imagination.

Main Characters and Their Motivations

  • Cain: An ambitious Ewer, Cain aspires to reach the pinnacle of Daemon mastery. His dreams lead him to the coveted title of “The Dunatos.” But beneath his determination lies a personal quest—to uncover the truth behind his family’s mysterious disappearance. Cain’s motivations intertwine with his desire for power, justice, and answers.
  • Eve (A.I. Entity): Dwelling within the Omnific Tesseract, Eve guides Cain on his journey. Her motivations remain shrouded in mystery. Is she a benevolent mentor or a harbinger of hidden agendas? As Cain unravels the Tesseract’s secrets, he discovers that Eve’s intentions may shape the fate of Alvard itself.

Plot: Conflict and Resolution

Cain’s path unfolds as he harnesses the power of the Omnific Tesseract. This artifact allows him to command a legion of Daemons, forging hybrid unions and birthing formidable creatures. Guided by Eve, he assembles an awe-inspiring army, each Daemon pulsing with unique abilities. Yet, lurking beneath this newfound strength lies a haunting question: What other enigmatic secrets does the Tesseract hold? As Cain treads uncharted territory, he grapples with his own transformation—from a mere Ewer to a force capable of reshaping reality. The conflict intensifies as rival summoners, ancient prophecies, and cosmic forces converge. Can Cain unlock the Tesseract’s full potential without losing himself in the process?

Omnific Tesseract
Omnific Tesseract


  • Time: The novel occurs after the arrival of the Omnific Tesseract, bridging reality and fantasy. Alvard’s timeline is fluid, where epochs blend seamlessly, and echoes of forgotten civilizations resonate.
  • Place: Alvard, a world where Daemons and Ewers coexist. The mystical power of the Tesseract shapes alliances, battles, and Cain’s choices. Flames scorch the heavens, shadows conceal secrets, and light unveils truth. The shifting landscapes—from ethereal forests to crystalline citadels—mirror the duality of Cain’s journey. As he explores ancient ruins and confronts rival summoners, the setting becomes a canvas for his growth and exploration.


  1. Transformation and Power: Cain’s evolution from a dreamer to a summoner of unimaginable might mirrors the human desire for growth and mastery. The Tesseract amplifies his abilities, but at what cost? Is power a blessing or a curse?
  2. Secrets and Discovery: The Tesseract holds hidden truths waiting to be unearthed. Cain’s adventure becomes a quest for knowledge, not only about Daemons but also about his own lineage. What cataclysmic events led to the Tesseract’s creation, and why was it entrusted to him?
  3. Legacy and Identity: As Cain commands Daemons, he leaves his mark on Alvard’s history. His choices ripple through time, affecting not only his future but also the fate of past and future Ewers. The legacy of “The Dunatos” weighs heavily on his shoulders.

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“Omnific Tesseract” weaves magic, mystery, and resilience into a gripping narrative. Axes split mountains, destinies intertwine, and readers embark on an epic journey where the boundaries of possibility blur. Prepare to explore a world where Daemons dance with destiny, and the Tesseract’s enigma awaits revelation.

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