My Goalkeeping System

My Goalkeeping System
My Goalkeeping System

“My Goalkeeping System” is a sports-themed light novel written by Franklin Nwakamma. The story revolves around Dave Richards, a goalkeeper who grapples with his inadequacies on the field. Despite his poor performance, he remains the first-choice goalkeeper for Unique FC due to the team’s lack of alternatives. Dave’s shortcomings include sluggishness, improper jumping technique, and an inability to hold the ball effectively. After a particularly disastrous match, where he failed to make any saves and committed numerous errors, Dave stumbles upon a hidden door beneath his room. Inside, he discovers a black box that triggers a mysterious system: the Goalkeeping System. With this newfound aid, Dave embarks on a journey from mediocrity to professional success.

The novel chronicles Dave’s transformation as he hones his goalkeeping skills, guided by the enigmatic system. From being the weakest link in the team, he evolves into a proficient goalkeeper. The central conflict lies in Dave’s struggle to overcome his limitations, prove himself, and elevate Unique FC’s standing. As he navigates challenges, both on and off the pitch, the system’s influence shapes his destiny

Main Characters

  • Dave Richards: The central character, a goalkeeper plagued by inadequacies. Despite poor performance, he remains Unique FC’s first-choice goalkeeper due to the team’s lack of alternatives. Dave’s motivations include proving himself, overcoming limitations, and elevating the team’s standing.


The novel opens with Dave Richards, a goalkeeper for Unique FC, who grapples with his shortcomings on the field. Slow on his feet, unable to jump properly, and lacking ball-handling skills, Dave faces scathing criticism from both management and teammates. After a disastrous match, he discovers a hidden door beneath his room, leading to a mysterious black box. Upon opening it, he activates the Goalkeeping System, which propels him on an extraordinary journey. Guided by the system, Dave transforms from a struggling player to a proficient goalkeeper. The central conflict lies in his quest to rise above mediocrity and prove his worth. As he navigates challenges, both personal and professional, the system’s influence shapes his destiny.


The story unfolds in the world of professional football. Unique FC, a struggling team, serves as the backdrop. The setting influences the characters’ struggles, emphasizing the team’s desperate need for a competent goalkeeper. Dave’s journey takes place against the backdrop of intense matches, training sessions, and locker room dynamics. The football pitch becomes a metaphorical battleground where he fights to improve and secure his place.


  1. Self-Improvement: Dave’s transformation symbolizes the power of dedication and hard work. Through the Goalkeeping System, he learns discipline, technique, and mental fortitude.
  2. Perseverance: Despite setbacks, Dave persists. His determination to overcome inadequacies resonates with readers.
  3. Teamwork: Football is a team sport, and Dave’s success hinges on collaboration with his teammates. The novel explores the importance of trust and camaraderie.
  4. Destiny and Opportunity: The hidden door and the system represent unexpected opportunities. Dave’s fate changes dramatically, emphasizing the role of chance in life.


“My Goalkeeping System” weaves sports drama, personal growth, and mystery into a compelling narrative. Dave’s journey from the worst goalkeeper to a pro exemplifies resilience and the pursuit of excellence. As readers follow his progress, they witness the transformative power of determination and the impact of hidden systems on individual destinies.

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