Lord of Mysteries: Embracing the Unknown in a World of Secrets

Lord of Mysteries
Lord of Mysteries

Main Characters:

  • Klein Moretti: The protagonist, Klein, is a seemingly ordinary young man living in a world shrouded in mystery. Reborn into the body of a resident of this alternate Victorian era. He possesses a unique ability to interact with Beyonder characteristics – powerful supernatural forces. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to unravel the secrets of his world, Klein embarks on a path of personal growth and exploration.
  • The Beyonders: These enigmatic beings represent a central element of the world and the source of much of the mystery. They embody specific supernatural pathways, each with its own unique abilities and dangers. Klein interacts with various Beyonders throughout his journey, some allies, others adversaries, all adding to the complexity of the world.
  • The Churches: The story introduces various organizations dedicated to the study and control of Beyonder powers. These churches, with their own doctrines and agendas, play a significant role in shaping the events and creating conflict within the narrative.


The main conflict revolves around Klein’s quest to understand the mysteries of his world and his own unusual connection to Beyonder powers. The narrative unfolds in a series of interconnected cases:

  1. Awakening and Initial Investigation: The story opens with Klein encountering a series of bizarre events, hinting at the existence of a hidden supernatural world. As he investigates these mysteries, his Beyonder abilities begin to manifest, drawing him deeper into the unknown.
  2. Joining the Tarot Club: Klein seeks guidance from the Tarot Club, a secretive organization with knowledge of the Beyonder world. Membership exposes him to various factions and their perspectives on the supernatural, further fueling his curiosity.
  3. Climbing the Beyonder Pathway: As Klein delves deeper, he begins to understand the different Beyonder pathways and the risks associated with them. He embarks on a journey to “sequence” – advance his own Beyonder capabilities – while navigating the dangers and conflicts that come with it.
  4. Unraveling Conspiracies and Hidden Agendas: Through his investigations, Klein uncovers various conspiracies and hidden agendas of the different factions and Beyonders. This leads to confrontations and challenges that force him to choose sides and define his own role in this complex world.
  5. Seeking the Truth: The climax revolves around a pivotal discovery related to the true nature of the Beyonder world and the hidden forces shaping it. Klein and his allies strive to understand these revelations while facing powerful enemies who seek to maintain the status quo.
Lord of Mysteries
Lord of Mysteries


The story takes place in an alternate Victorian era with a unique blend of steampunk technology and supernatural elements. This setting allows for the exploration of social structures, technological advancements, and the clash between science and the unknown. The ever-present fog and hidden corners of the city become symbolic of the mysteries that Klein seeks to unravel.


  • The Allure and Danger of Knowledge: The story explores the thirst for knowledge, particularly concerning the supernatural. Klein’s journey highlights the potential dangers of seeking forbidden knowledge and the consequences of delving too deep into the unknown.
  • The Power of Choice and Moral Ambiguity: As Klein navigates the complex world of Beyonders and competing factions. He faces situations that challenge his morals and force him to make difficult choices. The narrative explores themes of grey areas, where good and evil are not always clear-cut.
  • The Importance of Connection: Despite facing adversaries, Klein finds support and camaraderie among his allies. The story emphasizes the importance of human connection and collaboration, especially when facing powerful forces and unraveling complex mysteries.

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“Lord of Mysteries” by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving is a captivating fantasy novel that blends mystery, action, and supernatural elements. Through Klein’s journey, the story explores themes of seeking knowledge, facing moral dilemmas, and the importance of connection. The narrative concludes with a major revelation about the world, leaving the reader eager for further exploration and the resolution of the overarching mysteries in the sequels.

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