Jules Verne: Complete Works

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“Jules Verne: Complete Works” is a comprehensive collection encapsulating the literary legacy of the pioneering French author, Jules Verne. Spanning the 19th century, Verne’s imaginative and visionary tales have left an indelible mark on the science fiction and adventure genres. This exhaustive compilation brings together all of Verne’s works, showcasing his unparalleled ability to blend scientific knowledge with a vivid imagination.

Verne’s oeuvre is characterized by a fascination with exploration, technology, and the uncharted realms of the Earth and beyond. His narratives often revolve around intrepid adventurers embarking on daring journeys, utilizing cutting-edge technology or uncovering hidden worlds. Iconic works such as “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” introduce readers to Captain Nemo’s enigmatic submarine, the Nautilus, taking them on a mesmerizing underwater odyssey. Meanwhile, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” delves into the mysteries beneath the Earth’s surface, capturing the thrill of discovery.

Verne’s meticulous research and foresight into scientific advancements are evident throughout his writings. From space travel in “From the Earth to the Moon” to the circumnavigation of the globe in “Around the World in Eighty Days,” Verne’s narratives are both adventurous and prescient, foreshadowing future technological achievements.

Beyond his contributions to the science fiction genre, Verne’s works delve into social commentary, offering insights into the cultural and political landscapes of his time. His exploration of the human spirit’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and discovery resonates with readers across generations.


“Jules Verne: Complete Works” serves as a literary treasure trove, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the boundless imagination of one of the founding fathers of science fiction. The collection not only preserves Verne’s timeless classics but also provides a glimpse into the evolution of speculative fiction and the enduring appeal of exploration and adventure in literature.

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