Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley

In a small East Coast town, where normalcy reigns, the eve of the protagonist’s twenty-first birthday shatters her life. A father she never knew emerges, spiriting her away from everything familiar. Trapped and tortured, she discovers that her entire existence has been haunted by the devil himself. But this haunting transcends mere specters—it’s real, and it’s terrifying. As the leader of an infamous cult, the devil is no longer a distant fear; he’s here, and the protagonist is utterly terrified.

Main Characters:

  1. Protagonist (Name Unknown):
    • A young woman living a seemingly normal life with her mother.
    • Motivation: Survival and escape from the clutches of the devil.
    • Unexpectedly thrust into a world of darkness and forbidden desire.
  2. The Devil (Leader of the Infamous Cult):
    • A malevolent force who has watched and waited.
    • Motivation: To claim the protagonist for something she knows nothing about.
    • His presence transforms her haunting into a horrifying reality.
 Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley
 Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley


  1. The Unveiling:
    • The protagonist’s father, previously unknown, disrupts her life.
    • She is taken away from everything she knew.
    • The devil’s influence becomes tangible, trapping her in a nightmare.
  2. Forbidden Desires and Terror:
    • The devil’s cult looms over the area.
    • The protagonist grapples with fear and forbidden attraction.
    • Their twisted dance begins—a horrifying romance.
  3. The Conflict:
    • Survival versus surrender to the devil’s desires.
    • The protagonist’s struggle to understand her destiny.
    • The devil’s power over her intensifies.
  4. Resolution:
    • Secrets unravel, revealing the truth behind her haunting.
    • The devil’s intentions become clear.
    • The protagonist must confront her fate.


  • Time: Contemporary.
  • Place: The small town on the East Coast where the protagonist’s life unravels.
  • The ordinary setting contrasts sharply with the supernatural events, heightening the tension.


  1. Darkness and Forbidden Love: The devil’s presence blurs the line between terror and desire.
  2. Identity and Destiny: The protagonist’s true purpose emerges.
  3. Fear and Survival: The struggle against an insidious force.


“Haunted by the Devil” is a chilling exploration of forbidden romance, terror, and the battle for one’s soul. As the protagonist faces her haunting head-on, she discovers that survival may come at a cost she never imagined. Brace yourself for a dark journey into the heart of evil and desire.

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In summary, Kinsley Kincaid masterfully weaves horror and passion, leaving readers haunted by the devil’s touch

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