The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

In “The Marriage Bargain,” impulsive bookstore owner Alexa Maria McKenzie casts a love spell to save her family home. Little does she know that her best friend’s older brother, billionaire Nicholas Ryan, will become entangled in her life. Nicholas, despite his disbelief in marriage, proposes a bold arrangement: a marriage in name only. But can they keep it all business, or will love complicate their bargain? Prepare for a tale of passion and unexpected twists.

The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst.
The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst.

Main Characters:

  1. Alexa Maria McKenzie:
    • An independent and impulsive woman.
    • Motivation: To save her family home from financial ruin.
    • Unexpectedly drawn into a marriage arrangement with Nicholas.
  2. Billionaire Nicholas Ryan:
    • A powerful man who shattered Alexa’s heart in the past.
    • Motivation: To inherit his father’s corporation, he needs a wife—fast.
    • Believes in avoiding emotional entanglements.


  1. The Bold Proposition:
    • Nicholas discovers Alexa’s dire financial situation.
    • He offers her a marriage in name only, with strict rules.
    • Their arrangement is meant to be businesslike, lasting only a year.
  2. From Business to Desire:
    • Alexa and Nicholas navigate their unconventional marriage.
    • Sparks fly, blurring the lines between business partners and lovers.
    • The law of attraction operates in mysterious ways.
  3. Secrets and Unexpected Feelings:
    • Alexa’s heart softens toward Nicholas.
    • Nicholas grapples with emotions he never expected.
    • Their connection deepens beyond the initial bargain.
  4. The Conflict:
    • As their feelings intensify, they face the conflict of love versus practicality.
    • Can they keep their arrangement purely business?
  5. Resolution:
    • The marriage bargain evolves into something more.
    • Nicholas realizes that love may be worth the risk.
    • Alexa discovers that imperfections can lead to unexpected joy.
The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst.
The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst.


  • Time: Contemporary.
  • Place: The contrast between Alexa’s ordinary life and Nicholas’s world of wealth and power.

The setting influences their choices—Alexa’s struggle for survival versus Nicholas’s pursuit of practicality.


  1. Love Beyond Perfection: Imperfections can lead to unexpected fulfillment.
  2. Business vs. Heart: The clash between practical arrangements and emotional connections.
  3. Unexpected Attraction: The law of attraction defies logic.


“The Marriage Bargain” teaches us that sometimes love transcends contracts. As Alexa and Nicholas navigate their unconventional relationship, they discover that true connection lies beyond perfection. So, dear reader, embrace the unexpected—it might just lead to your own version of happily ever after.

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In summary, “The Marriage Bargain” weaves humor, desire, and vulnerability into a delightful romance.

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