Bound by Gold by Eva Marks

In the heart of New York City, where shadows dance and secrets thrive, Cadence Wimberly harbors a dark secret. To save her father, she laundered dirty money and found herself entangled with the New York mafia. But when Malachi Bedford, a ruthless man with his own agenda, discovers her actions, everything changes. Their twisted dance begins—a villain and a savior bound by gold.

Main Characters:

  1. Cadence Wimberly:
    • Independent and desperate to protect her family.
    • Motivation: To survive, she marries one of the heads of the New York mafia.
    • Unexpectedly caught in a web of danger and desire.
  2. Malachi Bedford:
    • A man fueled by revenge and power.
    • Believes Cadence willingly aided his enemy.
    • Motivation: To destroy the mob boss, he blackmails Cadence for information.
    • As truths unravel, he questions his treatment of her.
Bound by Gold by Eva Marks
“Bound by Gold” by Eva Marks


  1. The Dark Bargain:
    • Cadence’s desperate act draws her into Malachi’s world.
    • He humiliates and degrades her, believing she betrayed him.
    • Their twisted alliance begins—a marriage of convenience with dangerous consequences.
  2. From Villain to Savior:
    • Malachi discovers the truth behind Cadence’s actions.
    • His feelings shift from vengeance to obsession.
    • The law of attraction binds them in ways neither expected.
  3. Conflict and Redemption:
    • As their passion ignites, they face enemies and inner demons.
    • Can love thrive amidst betrayal and danger?
    • Cadence’s vulnerability challenges Malachi’s hardened heart.
  4. Resolution:
    • Secrets unravel, revealing unexpected connections.
    • Redemption and forgiveness become their path forward.
    • Bound by gold, they navigate a treacherous love.


  • Time: Contemporary.
  • Place: The gritty streets of New York City—the backdrop for power struggles, hidden alliances, and forbidden desire.

The city’s pulse influences their choices, pushing them toward redemption or destruction.


  1. Desire Beyond Morality: Passion blurs lines between right and wrong.
  2. Redemption and Sacrifice: Can love redeem even the darkest souls?
  3. Obsession and Vulnerability: Malachi’s obsession clashes with Cadence’s need for safety.


“Bound by Gold” reminds us that sometimes villains become saviors, and love thrives in unexpected places. As Cadence and Malachi navigate their twisted romance, they discover that gold isn’t the only thing binding them—it’s desire, redemption, and the promise of forever.

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In summary, Eva Marks weaves a tale of dark passion, treacherous alliances, and love’s unexpected redemption

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