Cruel Marriage (Cruel #6)

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Cruel Marriage (Cruel #6)

Cruel Marriage (Cruel #6) is a romance novel by K.A. Linde about Katherine Van Pelt, a young woman who is forced into a marriage with Camden Percy, a ruthless and controlling businessman.

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Katherine is a kind and compassionate woman, but she is also strong and independent. She refuses to be broken by Camden, and she fights to protect her heart and her soul.

Katherine and Camden’s marriage is a loveless one. Camden is only interested in Katherine’s money and her connections. He treats her cruelly and coldly, and he makes it clear that he does not care about her.

Katherine is initially terrified of Camden, but she eventually realizes that he cannot break her. She refuses to give him the satisfaction of seeing her in pain. She also refuses to let him control her life.

Katherine starts to build a new life for herself outside of her marriage. She makes new friends, and she pursues her own interests. She also begins to develop feelings for her friend, Lark.

Lark is a kind and compassionate man. He is the opposite of Camden in every way. Lark loves and respects Katherine, and he makes her feel happy and cherished.

Katherine is torn between her feelings for Lark and her duty to Camden. She knows that she cannot stay in her loveless marriage, but she is afraid of the consequences of leaving Camden.


In the end, Katherine chooses love over duty. She leaves Camden and starts a new life with Lark. She finally finds the happiness and love that she deserves.

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