Betrayed from Birth – Alpha’s Unvalued Daughter

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Betrayed from Birth – Alpha’s Unvalued Daughter is a novel by Dreame about Raven Sullivan, the daughter of the alpha of the Silver Blade pack. However, Raven has been hated and mistreated by her family and packmates ever since she was born. Her twin sister, Reagan, is the favored daughter, and she enjoys tormenting Raven.

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One day, Raven discovers that her parents have arranged for her to be married to a cruel and abusive alpha. Raven is terrified, but she knows that she has no choice but to obey. However, before the wedding can take place, Raven is betrayed by Reagan and her parents. They leave her for dead in the forest.

Raven is rescued by a mysterious stranger named Ethan. Ethan is the alpha of the Black Moon pack, and he is immediately drawn to Raven. Raven is hesitant to trust Ethan at first, but she eventually realizes that he is different from other alphas. He is kind, compassionate, and protective.

Ethan and Raven fall in love, but their relationship is forbidden. The Silver Blade pack and the Black Moon pack have been rivals for centuries, and Raven’s parents will never approve of her relationship with Ethan.

Raven and Ethan must fight for their love and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. They must also face the truth about Raven’s past and the secrets that her parents have been hiding.


Betrayed from Birth – Alpha’s Unvalued Daughter is a story about love, betrayal, and redemption. It is a heartwarming and romantic novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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