The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Pdf Novel

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The Alpha & Beta's Regret Pdf Novel

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret is a novel by Dreame about an alpha named Rafe and his beta named Jack, who regret letting their luna, Luci, disappear.

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Rafe and Jack marked and mated Luci six and a half years ago. However, on the day of their return from assisting another pack, Luci disappeared into a lake and never came out. Rafe and Jack never felt her sever from them or the pack, and they never believed she died.

Six and a half years later, Rafe and Jack are struggling. Their mates, Melissa and Maria, deny them their true nature, and they are constantly pressured to produce an heir. When war breaks out with the Bloodless Moon pack, Rafe and Jack know they are going to lose.

However, in the midst of the chaos, Luci returns. She is alive and well, and she has twins with her. Rafe and Jack are overjoyed to have their luna back, and they are determined to make things right.

Luci explains that she was kidnapped by the Bloodless Moon pack and held captive for six and a half years. She escaped with her twins, and she has been searching for Rafe and Jack ever since.

Rafe and Jack apologize to Luci for letting her disappear. They promise to love and protect her forever. Luci forgives them, and the three of them begin to rebuild their life together.

However, the Bloodless Moon pack is not finished with Rafe, Jack, and Luci. They are determined to destroy the Black Forest pack and take Luci and her twins for themselves.

Rafe, Jack, and Luci must work together to defend their pack and their family. They must also learn to trust and love each other again.


The Alpha & Beta’s Regret is a story about love, forgiveness, and redemption. It is a heartwarming and romantic novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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