Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek

In Where the Dark Stands Still, A.B. Poranek crafts a haunting tale of magic, bargains, and secrets. Set against the backdrop of a spirit-infested forest, the novel follows Liska Radost as she grapples with her newfound powers and the enigmatic Leszy—a demon warden who offers her a perilous bargain.

Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek
Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek

Main Characters:

  • Liska Radost: Raised in a small village near the spirit-wood, Liska knows that magic is both monstrous and dangerous. Her motivation lies in suppressing her powers, but a disastrous outburst changes everything.
  • The Leszy: The demon warden of the wood, the Leszy captures Liska after her magical mishap. He proposes a year of servitude in exchange for a wish, setting the stage for their intricate relationship.

Plot: Liska’s journey begins when she unleashes her powers, leading her to the Leszy’s crumbling manor. There, she discovers the sinister roots of their bargain. As secrets unravel, Liska faces ghosts from the Leszy’s past. The central conflict revolves around survival, unraveling mysteries, and the cost of magic. Those who enter the wood rarely return, and Liska’s fate hangs in the balance.

Setting: The novel unfolds in the fictional country of Orlica, where magic practitioners are seen as dangerous heretics. Driada, the spirit-infested forest, becomes a treacherous backdrop. Its eerie atmosphere influences the characters’ choices, as they navigate darkness, hidden histories, and the boundaries between worlds.

Where the Dark Stands Still
Where the Dark Stands Still


  • Magic and Monstrosity: Liska’s powers symbolize both magic’s allure and its monstrous consequences. The Leszy embodies this duality, blurring the line between savior and captor.
  • Bargains and Secrets: The novel explores the price of wishes and the hidden truths behind bargains. Liska’s servitude reveals layers of deception and vulnerability.
  • Identity and Sacrifice: Liska’s quest forces her to confront her own identity and the sacrifices she must make. The Leszy’s past mirrors her struggle.

Conclusion: Where the Dark Stands Still weaves a spellbinding narrative, drawing readers into a world where magic and danger intertwine. A.B. Poranek’s prose evokes both wonder and unease, leaving us pondering the choices we make and the shadows that linger

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