The Darkness Rises by Stacy Stokes

Stacy Stokes’ young adult fantasy novel, “The Darkness Rises”, plunges readers into a world where the boundaries between the living and the dead are disintegrating. This summary explores the main characters’ motivations, the unfolding plot, the setting’s impact, and the underlying themes.

Main Characters

  • Maya, the protagonist, is a high school student with a rare ability to see and interact with ghosts. She drives the story forward with her determination to protect her family and uncover the truth about her past.
  • Harrison, a charming ghost, becomes Maya’s ally and potential love interest. He seeks redemption and peace.
  • The Shadow, the antagonist, exploits the thinning veil between worlds, threatening humanity.


As the darkness grows stronger, Maya must find a way to stop it. Her quest is hindered by personal demons, the Shadow’s machinations, and family secrets. With Harrison’s help, Maya navigates treacherous ghostly politics and ancient mysteries. The stakes escalate as Maya races against time to prevent the darkness from consuming everything.

In a heart-pumping climax, Maya confronts the Shadow, determining the fate of humanity. Ultimately, she emerges victorious, restoring balance to the worlds.

The Darkness Rises by Stacy Stokes
The Darkness Rises by Stacy Stokes


The story unfolds in a contemporary setting where the veil between worlds is thinning. This precarious balance creates a sense of unease and foreboding.


The novel explores identity, redemption, and the balance between light and darkness. Maya’s journey is a classic coming-of-age tale, while Harrison’s arc showcases the power of forgiveness.

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“The Darkness Rises” is a gripping young adult fantasy novel that explores the eternal struggle between light and darkness. With its well-crafted characters, engaging plot, and immersive setting, the story resonates with readers. This novel is a must-read for fans of fantasy and adventure.

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