What Doctors Recommends When Betting to Avoid High B.P

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If you must bet, then bet right, do it right, head high and chest out. Betting is fun, the thrill, the rush, the crashing and total falling…When it comes down to it; everyone bets everyday, we all take chances, we risk occurrences, and despite the odds we do take our chances, just not for fun or for the fun of it. If you’ve ever taken your chances before, then you placed a bet on the controlling party or on life itself. Think about it. Hope that wasn’t too much of a revelation for you?! Tell us in the comments below! Today we are addressing the topic of what the doctors have to say if you must bet. Do you have to?! Then you must read this. Think about driving without seat belts, that’s what it may be like betting without this knowledge.

Betting – The Statistics

is betting a hazard

From the 2016/17 annual report by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales titled: “Gambling with our health” was stated, “gambling is a widespread and socially acceptable activity in the UK. It can provide social spaces for people to meet, and is enjoyed as a recreational activity by many”. This statement gives good purpose to gambling, it shows that the largely thought bad habit actually could be used meaningfully. Now this could also imply when you think about it, that, if the same gambling could be enjoyable, as well as damaging, then there’s a line between the two points. If this is still not clear, please refer to our post on health hazards of betting.

online betting and its benefits

Now, my guess is, you’re asking about how to bet safely. Well, we’ve got you. There are a few things to have in mind before starting your betting journey or continuing if you’ve started already. Let’s go through below.

Personal and Private

betting privacy

In an article released by Better health channel, an online media dedicated to discussing health related topics. Its stated that it’s a right to feel safe. I.e. you should know that you have a right to safeguard yourself, to secure your emotions and finances. You owe yourself that much.

Always Go With The Experts’ Advice When Betting

seek expert advice

In the same article, it was also stated that you should seek professional advice on how to manage your family’s or personal income and assets, doing this may just surprise you on how much you don’t know about growing wealth and the possibilities that exist. Most times, this may cost you a couple of dollars, but its certainly less riskier than taking your chances in a betting game and worth the risk, ask any billionaire out there today.

when betting talk to the experts

It was stated in the same article that you should talk to trusted persons such as counselors or trustworthy acquaintances about it. Persons who are reasonable and will not condemn you or someone who gambles. It could serve as a healthy limiting factor.


The writers of the same article also stated in their article that one should consider speaking openly with other affected family members as this could assist the gambler in making proper decisions.


Betting can be a source of revenue for you and it can also be a source of liability. In other to reduce the occurrence of the latter and avoid High Blood Pressure (B.P); medical experts have instructed you follow this simple stated guildlines above. Let us know if you like betting and how it has shaped your lifestyle so far in the comment section.

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