“The Soul Keeper” by David Dalglish

In the first book of David Dalglish’s epic fantasy trilogy, we follow the journey of Devin Eveson, a Soulkeeper—a priest and healer who travels through remote villages. But when ancient magic suddenly returns to his land, Devin’s peaceful life takes a drastic turn. Let’s explore the central elements of this captivating tale:

Main Characters:

  1. Devin Eveson (The Soulkeeper):
    • Motivation: Devin’s primary role has been preaching and healing, but everything changes when a dragon awakens, tearing the veil between worlds. Now, he must embrace a new purpose: slaying monsters and protecting humanity.
    • Struggle: Devin grapples with his discomfort in this newfound role. His compassion clashes with the merciless duty of a Soulkeeper.
  2. Forgotten Races and Ancient Creatures:
    • As ancient magic returns, forgotten races emerge—some benevolent, others not. Devin befriends these beings, blurring the lines between friend and foe.
“The Soul Keeper” by David Dalglish
“The Soul Keeper” by David Dalglish


  1. The Veil Torn Asunder:
    • A mysterious black water appears, washing over the land of Cradle. The veil between worlds shatters, releasing ancient magic.
    • Devin’s peaceful existence is disrupted as he faces unprecedented dangers—dragons, magical creatures, and hidden races.
  2. Adaptation and Survival:
    • Devin’s journey becomes one of adaptation. He sets aside his peaceful words to become a monster slayer.
    • New companions join him—a mismatched group of unlikely allies. Together, they navigate this transformed world.
  3. The Unseen Threats:
    • Not all awakened creatures mean harm. Devin discovers that some races seek peace, while others harbor ancient grudges.
    • The conflict escalates as factions clash, and the fate of Cradle hangs in the balance.
  4. The Quest for Answers:
    • Devin seeks knowledge about the ancient magic’s return. His path leads to libraries, cryptic texts, and hidden truths.
    • The resolution lies in understanding the magic’s purpose and the role of forgotten races.


  • Land of Cradle:
    • The story unfolds in Cradle, a world where magic once faded into myth. Now, it resurfaces with a vengeance.
    • The setting influences character behavior—the struggle for survival, alliances, and the clash of old and new.


  1. Adaptability and Duty:
    • Devin’s transformation from healer to warrior reflects the theme of adaptability. Duty compels him to protect humanity.
    • The Soulkeepers’ role is both a burden and a necessity.
  2. Friendship Across Boundaries:
    • Devin’s friendships with beings of different races challenge prejudices. Compassion bridges gaps.
    • The novel explores unity in diversity.
  3. Power and Responsibility:
    • Ancient magic grants power, but at what cost? Devin grapples with wielding it responsibly.
    • The consequences of wielding magic shape the narrative.

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“The Soul Keeper” weaves magic, danger, and unlikely alliances into a thrilling fantasy. David Dalglish’s seductive storytelling draws readers into a world where monsters and forgotten races collide. As Devin’s path unfolds, we’re reminded that sometimes, the greatest heroes emerge from unexpected places.

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