“The First Order” by The Speaking Pork Trotter

In a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity grapples with the aftermath of a catastrophic event, “The First Order” unfolds. Let’s explore the central elements of this gripping novel:

“The First Order” by The Speaking Pork Trotter
“The First Order” by The Speaking Pork Trotter

Main Characters:

  1. Ren Xiaosu (The Protagonist):
    • Motivation: Ren Xiaosu rises from obscurity, driven by an unyielding will to survive. He absorbs positive energy, transforming himself and the world.
    • Struggle: As a refugee, he faces immense odds—seeking refuge within the fortress walls becomes more challenging than ascending to the sky.
  2. Yan Liuyuan (Ren Xiaosu’s Companion):
    • Motivation: Yan Liuyuan shares Ren Xiaosu’s determination. Together, they navigate danger, seeking a chance at survival.
    • Struggle: Their journey is fraught with peril, as they confront both external threats and internal doubts.


  1. The Catastrophe and Anarchy:
    • A great catastrophe reshapes the world, plunging humanity into chaos. Society crumbles, and anarchy prevails.
    • People huddle within walled strongholds and fringe towns, struggling to survive against harsh conditions and unknown dangers.
  2. Ren Xiaosu’s Transformation:
    • Ren Xiaosu absorbs positive energy—an ability that sets him apart. He rises from anonymity, determined to change the grim reality.
    • His journey involves overcoming physical and emotional challenges, battling both external threats and internal demons.
  3. The Quest for Refuge:
    • Refuge lies within fortress walls—the ultimate sanctuary. But gaining entry is a Herculean task.
    • Ren Xiaosu and Yan Liuyuan persist, their tenacity pushing them forward. Each step brings them closer to survival.
  4. The Unpredictable World:
    • Climate shifts, resource scarcity, and power struggles shape their environment. Barriers rise, dividing humanity.
    • Ordinary refugees gather in market towns, yearning for a chance to enter the coveted fortresses.


  1. Survival and Adaptation:
    • The struggle for existence drives character development. Ren Xiaosu’s transformation mirrors humanity’s resilience.
    • Adaptability becomes the key to survival in a world where danger lurks at every turn.
  2. Hope and Perseverance:
    • Ren Xiaosu’s unwavering hope fuels his journey. Perseverance against all odds defines his character.
    • The novel explores the indomitable human spirit even in the bleakest circumstances.
  3. Power and Sacrifice:
    • Positive energy grants power, but at what cost? Ren Xiaosu grapples with the consequences.
    • Sacrifices—personal and collective—shape the narrative.

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“The First Order” weaves suspense, danger, and transformation into a captivating tale. David Dalglish’s vivid storytelling immerses readers in a world where survival is paramount. As Ren Xiaosu and Yan Liuyuan forge ahead, we’re reminded that sometimes, ordinary individuals become extraordinary heroes.

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