Sold To The Dominant Mafia

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Sold To The Dominant Mafia

Sold To The Dominant Mafia is a dark mafia romance novel about a young woman named Isabella who is sold to a dangerous mafia boss named Alessandro. Isabella is from a poor family, and her father is in debt to the mafia. Alessandro offers to pay off her father’s debt in exchange for Isabella’s hand in marriage.

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Isabella is horrified when she learns that she is being sold to a mafia boss, but she has no choice but to agree. She knows that if she refuses, her father will be killed.

Isabella is taken to Alessandro’s mansion, where she is treated like a prisoner. Alessandro is cold and cruel, and he makes it clear that he does not love her. He only wants her for her body.

Isabella is terrified of Alessandro, but she also begins to develop feelings for him. She is drawn to his power and his strength. She also sees the vulnerable side of him that he hides from the world.

Alessandro is also drawn to Isabella. He is fascinated by her innocence and her strength. He begins to develop feelings for her as well, but he is afraid to admit it.

Alessandro and Isabella’s relationship is complex and passionate. They are both drawn to each other, but they are also afraid to let go of their control. They must overcome their fears and learn to trust each other in order to build a life together.


Sold To The Dominant Mafia is a story about love, betrayal, and redemption. It is a dark and steamy romance novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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