Royal Blood (Book I)

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Royal Blood (Book I) is a Wattpad historical romance story about Princess Isabella, the heir to the throne of Scotland, and Prince Connor, the heir to the throne of England. Isabella and Connor are forced to marry in order to unite their two kingdoms.

Isabella is a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She is also headstrong and independent. Connor is a handsome and brave young man. He is also kind and compassionate.

At first, Isabella and Connor resent each other. They are from different cultures and have different personalities. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to see each other in a new light.

Isabella realizes that Connor is not the arrogant and spoiled prince she thought he was. He is intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to his people. Connor also realizes that Isabella is not the cold and calculating princess he thought she was. She is kind, intelligent, and passionate about helping others.

Isabella and Connor fall deeply in love. However, their relationship is not without its challenges. Their kingdoms are still at odds, and there are those who want to see them fail.

Isabella and Connor must fight for their love and for the future of their kingdoms. They must also learn to trust each other and to overcome their own insecurities.


Royal Blood (Book I) is a passionate and romantic story about two people who find love despite their differences. It is also a story about political intrigue and the power of love to overcome all obstacles.

Note: Royal Blood (Book I) is the first book in a series. The other books in the series are Royal Blood (Book II) and Royal Blood (Book III).

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