Son of the Sun: An Inca Love Story

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Son of the Sun: An Inca Love Story

Son of the Sun: An Inca Love Story is a Wattpad historical romance story about Isabella, a young woman who escapes Spanish conquerors and finds herself drawn into a new world, where she falls in love with Kanan, the heir to the Inca Empire.

Isabella is a strong and independent woman who is determined to survive. She is also intelligent and compassionate. Kanan is a brave and noble young man who is dedicated to his people. He is also kind and gentle.

Isabella and Kanan meet when Isabella is captured by the Spanish and brought to the Inca capital. Kanan is immediately drawn to Isabella’s beauty and intelligence. He also admires her courage and determination.

Isabella is also drawn to Kanan. She is impressed by his bravery and his dedication to his people. She also finds him to be kind and gentle.

Isabella and Kanan fall in love despite the challenges they face. They are from different cultures, and they are living in a time of great conflict. However, their love for each other is stronger than any obstacle.

Isabella and Kanan must fight for their love and for the future of their people. They must also learn to navigate the complex politics of the Inca Empire.


Son of the Sun: An Inca Love Story is a passionate and romantic story about two young people who fight for their love against all odds. It is also a story about the clash of cultures and the importance of fighting for what is right.

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