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Chasing Gold by Paulina is a captivating tale set in the realm of college life. The story revolves around Everest Green, an ambitious student determined to glide through her four years of college without attracting any trouble. Her ultimate goal is to pursue law school, and she’s resolute in avoiding distractions, even when faced with the Greek god lookalikes at Bowling Green University. However, Everest’s path takes an unexpected turn during her junior year when Coach Jennings assigns her to breath-stroke events for the upcoming swimming season. Her technique leaves much to be desired, prompting Coach Jennings to enlist the help of Olympic protégée Matthew Connery. As the new season approaches, Everest grapples with both her swimming challenges and the allure of a boy who spells nothing but trouble.

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The narrative unfolds through a series of events, each contributing to Everest’s journey. From her initial reluctance to embrace breath-stroke events to the introduction of Matthew Connery as her mentor, the story weaves a web of tension and anticipation. As Everest navigates the complexities of college life, readers witness her growth, both as a swimmer and as an individual. The stakes rise as she faces personal dilemmas, balancing her aspirations with the allure of romance.

Main Characters:

  • Everest Green: Our protagonist, Everest, is a determined college student with a laser focus on her ultimate goal: attending law school. She aims to glide through her four years of college unnoticed, avoiding any distractions or trouble. Her technique in backstroke swimming leaves much to be desired, but she’s about to face a new challenge when Coach Jennings assigns her to breath-stroke events for the upcoming season.
  • Matthew Connery: An Olympic protégé, Matthew becomes Everest’s mentor. His expertise in swimming promises to help Everest improve her technique. However, there’s more to Matthew than meets the eye, and his presence introduces an intriguing dynamic to the story.


The central conflict revolves around Everest’s journey as she navigates college life, swimming challenges, and unexpected romance. Coach Jennings enlists Matthew’s help to refine Everest’s technique, setting the stage for their interactions. Everest must balance her aspirations with the allure of a boy who spells nothing but trouble. As the new swimming season approaches, Everest faces personal dilemmas and must decide whether to stay on course or chase the elusive gold.


  • Time: The story unfolds during Everest’s junior year in college.
  • Place: The action takes place at Bowling Green University, where Everest encounters the Greek god lookalikes and dives into the world of competitive swimming. The university setting influences Everest’s experiences, friendships, and challenges.


  1. Ambition and Sacrifice: Everest’s unwavering determination to attend law school drives her actions. She sacrifices personal indulgences to stay focused on her goal.
  2. Romance and Temptation: The allure of romance, especially with the enigmatic Matthew, tempts Everest away from her original path. The tension between ambition and desire forms a central theme.
  3. Personal Growth: Everest’s journey involves self-discovery, learning, and overcoming obstacles. Her interactions with Matthew and the swimming team contribute to her growth.


“Chasing Gold” weaves a web of tension, anticipation, and emotional depth. As Everest faces swimming challenges, personal dilemmas, and the allure of romance, readers witness her transformation.

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