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“Bullied” In the first book of the Missing series, Jonah Skidmore and his best friend Chip Winston find themselves caught in a time-travel thriller. Published in 2008, the novel follows their quest to uncover their origins—where (or when) they came from. The story begins when Angela Dupre, a new employee at Sky Trails Air, witnesses an airplane suddenly appear at her gate. To her shock, the plane is filled with 36 babies but no adults. Despite government cover-ups, Angela refuses to stay silent, leading to her dismissal. Thirteen years later, Jonah receives a mysterious note informing him that he is one of the missing children from that plane. His friend Chip also receives a similar note, revealing that he is adopted. .


Certainly! Here are some intriguing plot twists from the novel “Found”:

  1. Time-Travel Origins: Jonah and Chip discover that they are not ordinary kids—they were mysteriously transported from the past to the present. Their true origins lie in a time-travel experiment gone awry. This revelation sets the stage for their quest to uncover the truth.
  2. The Missing Children: The airplane Angela Dupre witnessed was filled with 36 babies, all of whom vanished from their original time periods. As Jonah and Chip delve deeper, they realize they are part of a larger group of missing children. The mystery deepens as they learn about their shared connection.
  3. The Holographic Letter: Jonah receives a letter that seems to appear out of thin air. It reveals that he is one of the missing children from the plane. The shock of this revelation propels him into a dangerous investigation, where he uncovers secrets about his past and the sinister organization behind the time-travel experiment.
  4. The FBI Agent’s Involvement: James Reardon, an FBI agent, becomes entangled in Jonah and Chip’s quest. Initially, he seems like an antagonist, but his motivations and loyalties shift throughout the story. His true role and intentions keep readers guessing.
  5. Parallel Universes: As Jonah and Chip dig deeper, they learn that their disappearance is linked to parallel universes. The concept of alternate realities and the existence of other versions of themselves add complexity to the plot.
  6. Betrayal and Hidden Agendas: Characters who initially appear trustworthy turn out to have hidden agendas. The revelation of betrayal and unexpected alliances keeps readers on the edge of their seats.
  7. The Identity of the Mastermind: The ultimate twist revolves around the identity of the mastermind behind the time-travel experiment. Unmasking this individual leads to shocking revelations about the purpose of the missing children and the consequences of altering history.

“Found” weaves together science fiction, mystery, and adventure, leaving readers eager to dive into the next installment of the Missing series.




“Bullied” by Vera Micic (now writing as Vera Hollins) is a gripping tale of resilience, friendship, and overcoming adversity. The protagonist, Sarah, has always been a victim of bullying and darkness. When she moves to her mother’s hometown, she meets her unrequited crush, Hayden Black, who despises her. However, Sarah finds solace in her friendship with Hayden’s twin brother, Kayden. Tragedy strikes when Kayden dies, leaving Sarah shattered. Now, she must endure another year of relentless bullying before she can escape to college.

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