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Vielä sydän lyö

Sinful Mates by Jessica Hall is a dark paranormal romance reverse harem novel about a human woman named Imogen who is kidnapped by her two fated mates, a werewolf named Tobias and a vampire named Theo. In this novel Vielä sydän lyö.

Imogen has been living out of her car in the garage of her workplace, struggling to make ends meet and care for her sick mother. She has no idea that her bosses, Tobias and Theo, are not human, but when they discover her secret, they take her to their world, where humans are not accepted.

Tobias is immediately drawn to Imogen and marks her as his, but Theo is more patient, wanting her to make the decision for herself. Imogen is terrified and confused, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels to both of her mates.

As Imogen learns more about Tobias and Theo’s world, she realizes that she is not safe there. There are those who would kill her just for being human. But the more time she spends with her mates, the more she begins to trust them and fall for them.

Tobias and Theo are both possessive and protective of Imogen, and they will do anything to keep her safe. But their love for her is also complicated by their own desires and needs. Imogen must decide whether she is willing to give up her humanity to be with her mates, and if so, at what cost? Vielä sydän lyö.


Sinful Mates is a steamy and suspenseful novel that explores the dark side of love and desire. It is a story about forbidden love, sacrifice, and the lengths that people will go to for those they love.

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