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Ultima Ratio

Ultima Ratio is a Wattpad Original sci-fi romance story by Lauren W. It is set in a future where the world is divided into two factions: the United Nations and Verus Rex. The two factions have been at war for fourteen years, and there is no end in sight.

Akira Dunn is a seasoned soldier in the UN Army. She is sent to investigate an outlandish legend: that there is a goddess living among them who is dead set on destroying Verus Rex. Akira doesn’t believe the legend, but she follows her orders.

When Akira finds herself face to face with the goddess, Danya, she is shocked. Danya is everything Akira never imagined a goddess to be: she’s beautiful, powerful, and dangerous. Akira is drawn to Danya, but she knows that she must resist her. Danya is a weapon, and Akira cannot risk falling for her.

As Akira and Danya work together to defeat Verus Rex, they develop a deep bond. Akira begins to see Danya as more than just a weapon; she sees her as a person. But their relationship is forbidden, and they must keep it a secret.


Ultima Ratio is a story about love, war, and the sacrifices we make for those we love. It is a must-read for fans of sci-fi romance and action-packed stories.

Akira Dunn, a UN Army captain, is sent to investigate a legend about a goddess who can destroy Verus Rex, the enemy faction. When she meets the goddess, Danya, Akira is drawn to her despite knowing that she is a weapon. As they work together to defeat Verus Rex, Akira and Danya develop a deep bond, but their relationship is forbidden.

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