“The Proposition” by Katie Ashley

In the bustling city of Charleston, South Carolina, Emma Harrison stands at the crossroads of her life. Approaching her thirtieth birthday, she feels the relentless ticking of her biological clock. Yet, the elusive knight in shining armor remains frustratingly out of reach. Enter Aidan Fitzgerald—a man who embodies charm, confidence, and a reputation as the company’s resident womanizer In “The Proposition”.

Main Characters and Their Motivations

  1. Emma Harrison:
    • Emma is a strong-willed, intelligent woman who yearns for stability and family.
    • Her motivation lies in finding love and creating a meaningful connection.
    • She grapples with societal expectations and her own desires.
  2. Aidan Fitzgerald:
    • Aidan is the quintessential playboy, navigating life with charisma and a devil-may-care attitude.
    • Beneath his suave exterior, he hides a vulnerability—a longing for something more.
    • His motivation shifts when he learns of Emma’s predicament.

Plot: The Proposition

  1. Company Christmas Party:
    • Sparks fly when Emma and Aidan cross paths at the annual company Christmas party.
    • Emma, wary of Aidan’s reputation, spurns his advances.
  2. Aidan’s Determination:
    • Aidan, intrigued by Emma’s independence and intelligence, becomes determined to break through her defenses.
    • He discovers her secret—the ticking biological clock—and sees an opportunity.
  3. The Unconventional Proposition:
    • Aidan proposes a deal: He’ll be Emma’s sperm donor.
    • In return, she’ll give him a chance to prove that love exists beyond casual flings.
    • Their arrangement is both pragmatic and daring.

Plot Development and Resolution

  1. Navigating Boundaries:
    • Emma grapples with the unconventional nature of Aidan’s proposition.
    • Their interactions blur professional boundaries, leading to unexpected emotional entanglements.
  2. Testing the Waters:
    • Aidan and Emma embark on a journey of exploration.
    • They create a unique bond—one that defies societal norms.
    • Their chemistry ignites, challenging their assumptions about love and relationships.
  3. Emotional Turmoil:
    • As their feelings deepen, Emma faces conflicting emotions.
    • Aidan, too, confronts his fear of commitment.
    • The resolution lies in their willingness to take risks and embrace vulnerability.


  1. Charleston, South Carolina:
    • The historic city provides a rich backdrop—a blend of Southern charm, cobblestone streets, and antebellum architecture.
    • The setting influences the characters’ interactions, adding depth to their romance.
  2. Corporate World:
    • The corporate environment symbolizes the constraints of societal norms.
    • Emma and Aidan’s unconventional relationship unfolds within this context.


  1. Desperation and Choices:
    • Emma’s desperation to fulfill her desire for family drives her to consider Aidan’s proposition.
    • Choices—both rational and emotional—shape their journey.
  2. Unexpected Connections:
    • Aidan’s proposition challenges Emma’s assumptions about love.
    • Their connection transcends physical attraction, revealing vulnerability and shared dreams.


“The Proposition” explores the complexities of love, unconventional paths to parenthood, and the courage to defy societal expectations. Emma and Aidan’s arrangement takes them on a rollercoaster ride—one filled with passion, doubts, and unexpected joy.

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In summary, Katie Ashley weaves a tale of love, vulnerability, and the beauty of embracing life’s propositions. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a skeptic, this novel invites you to explore the uncharted territories of the heart.

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