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The Liminal Zone is a horror manga anthology by Junji Ito, a renowned Japanese manga artist. It consists of four stories that he wrote for the LINE manga app in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stories explore themes of mental health, oppression of women, and supernatural mysteries. Here is a brief summary and review of each story:

  • Weeping Woman Way: A couple encounters a professional mourner who cries at a funeral in a remote village. The woman, Mako, becomes infected with uncontrollable weeping that reveals her inner turmoil and the abuse she suffers from her fiancé and father. This story is creepy and disturbing, with some shocking imagery of tears and blood. It also exposes the emotional manipulation and violence that some women face in their relationships. Rating: 4/5
  • Madonna: A transfer student, Maria, discovers the dark secrets of her new Catholic school, where the female students and staff are subjected to abuse and exploitation by the corrupt priest and headmaster. This story is also horrifying and unsettling, with a twist on the religious symbolism of Madonna and child. It shows how religion can be used to justify misogyny and oppression. Rating: 3.5/5
  • The Spirit Flow of Aokigahara: A suicidal couple enters Aokigahara, the infamous suicide forest in Japan, where they encounter a strange phenomenon that connects them to the spirits of the dead. This story is more surreal and fantastical than the previous ones, with a touch of romance and tragedy. It explores the reasons why people choose to end their lives, and the consequences of their actions. Rating: 3/5
  • Slumber: A man who suffers from insomnia visits a sleep clinic, where he meets a mysterious woman who can enter other people’s dreams. He becomes obsessed with her, and tries to find out her true identity and motive. This story is more psychological and suspenseful than the others, with a twist ending that reveals a shocking truth. It deals with the themes of obsession, identity, and reality. Rating: 4/5

Overall, The Liminal Zone is a strong collection of horror stories that showcase Junji Ito’s talent and creativity. The stories are well-written, well-drawn, and well-paced, with some memorable characters

About The Author

Junji Itō

Junji Itō (伊藤潤二)
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1963, he was inspired from a young age by his older sister’s drawing and Kazuo Umezu’s comics and thus took an interest in drawing horror comics himself. Nevertheless, upon graduation he trained as a dental technician, and until the early 1990s he juggled his dental career with his increasingly successful hobby — even after being selected as the winner of the prestigious Umezu prize for horror manga.


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